Tom Clancy's NET FORCE EXPLORERS Virtual Vandals

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Tom Clancy's Net Force Explorers: Virtual Vandals

In the year 2025 the Internet practically runs the world, and its virtual reality webwork has to be policed by Net Force to prevent computer-terrorists from sabotaging it. But sometimes they need help. Which is where the Net Force Explorers come in, the young people's auxiliary for computer whiz kids who have made it through a tough training programme.

But when Explorers Matt Hunter and his three high-school friends witness a bizarre shoot-out at a virtual-realisty baseball game, they realize they've stumbled onto a plot as deadly as it is bewildering. And soon they're on the trail of a ruthless gang determined to pull of a heist so daring it's unreal...

Tom Clancy's Net Force Explorers is a brilliant high-tech adverture series from the world's most exciting author.


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