Top 10 Beach House Decorating Ideas

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Beach House Décor doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Beach style is a very casual style of decorating and should be fun. There are a few variations of "Beach Style". There is Nautical style which can include boats, lighthouses, fishing nets and boat oars. There is Tropical style which includes bright colours, flowers and ukuleles. And then there is the classic Beach style which includes shells, starfish, beach signs, driftwood and hammocks.
Decorative Shells
There are many different kinds of shells and a true beach house will have lots of them. You can find large shells which are a work of art all by themselves. Or you can find lots of items decorated with shells or made out of shells.
Starfish will add a natural feel to your beach house décor. They are dried out and bleached white, but they can also be painted different colours.
Boats are an essential ornament in any beach house. They represent freedom and adventure on the ocean. There are many wooden model boats for sale on Ebay at a very reasonable price. Boats add height to your ornament shelf and look good mixed in with other nautical items such as oars and nets.

There are lots of different signs that will suit your beach house or nautical style. Many are made of tin with a paper design applied on top so they are not suitable for outdoors. For an outdoor sign, make sure it is made from wood.



Driftwood is often imported from overseas because the driftwood you find on our beaches can be very rotten and decayed. Driftwood can be bought in pieces or there are many decorating items made from driftwood. Loose driftwood can be used to decorate your own mirrors and photo frames if you are feeling crafty.
Beach style cushions are usually made with bright colours or stripes. Nothing says Beach House like a nice navy blue and white striped cushion.
A clock is a useful accessory to decorate your beach house. There are many wooden wall clocks available at a reasonable price.
For a unique touch, why not add a Mermaid to your beach house décor? They come in ceramics or metal usually. Many beach houses look the same but a unique touch like this is where your individuality will stand out.
Tropical Accents
Nothing says "beach" like frangipanis. You can also buy many other different varieties of artificial flowers and they can be scattered around your home to add a Summery feel.
Fun Items

To finish off your beach house decorating, add some fun items like fish, boat oars or thongs. You can buy a wide variety of wooden ornaments like this. 

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