Top 10 Laptop Brands

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Laptops are a portable alternative to a larger desktop computer, and several companies make products designed for the business and personal markets. Gaining a better understanding of certain brands and their reputations online on sites like eBay makes it much easier for consumers to find the perfect computer for their goals and budget.
Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Apple iPhone 6 Plus Apple makes two main laptop models, the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air. The MacBook Air is the smaller, personal model, and the MacBook Pro is a higher-end machine. Consumers can opt for MacBooks that are outfitted with the company's Retina display or a regular screen. The laptops are powered by the Apple operating system and are available with different processors, memory capabilities, and accessories.


Sony While Sony sold its Vaio division to another firm, the brand still has a strong presence in the computer world. The company makes high-end models, like the Vaio, and a few lower-end machines, such as the Fit and the Pro and Duo ultrabooks. The Fit line is designed to work as a tablet and laptop, and users can transition between viewer, tablet, and laptop mode with the flick of a switch.


Dell Dell makes several lines, and consumers can choose between the popular Inspiron or the Alienware line that is engineered for gamers. Users who are searching for a cost-effective computer may be interested in the company's XPS model, which is a scaled-down version. When it comes to responsiveness and keyboard feel, Dell has a reputation for providing a quality typing experience. For users interested in something that's a little different, the Dell XPS 11 has a flat keyboard with no feedback.


HP Hewlett Packard produces laptops for gamers, personal users, and professionals. Consumers who are interested in a top-of-the-line machine may want to consider the benefits of the Spectre 13t. The company also makes the budget-minded Pavilion and an Envy TouchSmart, which is engineered like a MacBook.


Toshiba Toshiba produces six distinct laptop lines, so the brand has a product for gamers or for users who only need a laptop to check their email and surf the Internet on an occasional basis. The Qosmio X75 is one of the company's high-end machines, and it was designed specifically for entertainment. The X75 features dual webcams that let users take videos and still photos. The Toshiba Click Hybrid has an AMD processor and a hybrid design that balances the features of a laptop with the convenience of a tablet. The Toshiba Satellite is the company's low-end model that is designed for everyday use.


Lenovo Lenovo has a host of laptops that are designed for consumers or business users. The company produces three major lines: the ThinkPad, IdeaPad, and the G Essential. For those who are looking for a tablet-laptop hybrid, the Lenovo ThinkPad or Yogamachine are some options. Business users may be more interested in the functionality of a ThinkPad, and gamers may want to check out the audio and display quality of an IdeaCenter or IdeaPad.


Acer Acer produces a variety of laptops that occupy the higher end of the market segment. As the company's flagship model, the Acer Aspire is available in a variety of configuration options. Those who are interested in something with more features and potential may want to opt for the Aspire S6, which is an ultrabook that retails at the top of the market. The Acer Chromebook or the Aspire V3 may be ideal choices for budget-minded shoppers who are looking for a cost-effective plastic notebook.


Asus With Asus, consumers can choose from a wide variety of models with innovative features. The brand's Taichi 21 has a second touch screen, and the Zenbook is available with a durable Gorilla Glass lid. Those who are interested in a budget laptop may want to check out the X550CA, and those who are searching for a traditional notebook that's ideal for work, play, or school may appreciate the N550jv or the VivoBook.


Panasonic Panasonic offers laptops for business and personal use, and the company's Toughbook model is one of the brand's leading devices. The products feature a magnesium-alloy case, and consumers can opt for models with liquid-crystal displays.


Samsung Samsung's ATIV Book 9 Plus has a screen that's similar to Apple's Retina display. Users who are interested in combining the touch-like features of a tablet with a laptop may be interested in the ATIV Book 8. The device has a 1080p screen and a quad-core processor. With Samsung's SideSync operating system, users can run apps from their phones and use their laptops to respond to incoming messages. As far as resolution, the ATIV Book 9Plus has a 3200 x 1800 display.

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