Top 10 Show Rides of All Time

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Top 10 Show Rides of All Time

From old-school carousels to the latest in high-speed roller coasters, show rides are popular attractions at a carnival. They delight the young - as well as the young-at-heart - and fulfil a need for speed. For those heading to a Royal Show this year, the number of show rides is tremendous. New rides are added to the traditional line-up on a regular basis. Read on for the top 10 must-try show rides, and remember to grab some adventure gear.


No Limit

This adrenaline-releasing ride starts slowly but eventually takes passengers on a wild journey of fast upside-down loops through the air. As the loops increase in speed and intensity, the carriage itself begins to spin on its axis. It provides turbulence that is truly heart-stopping. No Limit is for adults only, and should be boarded by those who have a strong stomach and empty pockets.


Sky Flyer

Sky Flyer is a classic ride that twirls passengers through the air in wide arcs. Even though it is moderately tame, the altitudes of over 35 metres high still bring out stomach butterflies. Suitable for families and children of all ages, this is a fun ride that also provides sweeping views of the carnival and the surrounding area.


The Python Loop

The Python Loop is a roller coaster that has forgone all the twists and turns to concentrate solely on the vertical loop. Passengers will want to hide their sunglasses and hang onto their hats. This high-speed show ride works its way back and forth between two sheer drops, using the built-up momentum to zip around a giant loop-the-loop both backwards and forwards.


The Zipper

A classic show ride found in carnivals the world over, the Zipper is a small ride with a big punch. Passengers are packed into tight cages that begin spinning, looping, and flipping through the air. The result is a stomach-churning ride that has been a decades-old favourite of the young and old alike.


The Hangover

The two massive arms of this thrilling ride sweep back and forth, gaining momentum until eventually they reach a point at which passengers are suspended upside down for longer and longer intervals. Riders should ditch their hats and guard their jewellery before riding The Hangover.


Wave Spinner

The Wave Spinner is a perennial children’s favourite. It spins around like a carousel, but features chairs hanging on long cables instead of animals on poles. As the speed of the ride increases, the chairs are whisked out into the air, providing views and thrills alike.


Dodgem Cars

A family classic show ride where passengers steer and direct cars themselves, Dodgem Cars have been around since the early days of carnivals. There is usually a passenger space next to the driver so that parents and children can ride together. This fun ride allows families to let off a little harmless steam by bumping and crashing with abandon.


Splash Down

No trip to a Royal Show is complete without a ride on the Splash Down. This is a roller coaster that cruises along a waterway instead of tracks. After climbing up and taking a few short dips, the ride’s climax is a fast slide down into a giant pool of water. Since it is guaranteed to get passengers wet, savvy and experienced riders often bring along a pair of swim shorts or swimwear for this ride.


The Gravitron

The Gravitron is a favourite at carnivals and amusement parks. Passengers step inside a giant flying saucer that begins to spin around without pause. The centrifugal force becomes so strong that passengers are glued to the walls behind them and can lift their feet up off the floor as if gravity does not exist at all.


Tea Cups

Decorated with scenes from favourite children’s animated movies like “The Little Mermaid” and “The Lion King,” this ride is aimed at the youngest visitors to the Royal Show. The ride spins in one direction, while each teacup spins in the opposite. Each teacup takes parents and their little ones for a fun-filled trip through fantasy land.



These fun rides are some of the most popular features at carnivals like the Royal Melbourne Show, the Sydney Royal Easter Show, and the Perth Royal Show. Before going, remember to purchase any swimwear, sunglasses, or other supplies you may need on sites like eBay to help make these classic and debutante rides truly unforgettable.

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