Top 4 Podcast Apps for Android

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Top 4 Podcast Apps for Android

If you've recently bought a new Adroid phone from an online store, you'll be able to stay entertained with ease. There's no better way to stay entertained with an Android phone than by listening to a podcast. Podcasts can make us laugh, surprise and educate us, and ensure that we're never bored during a daily commute or a long drive.

Before podcasts can be heard on USB cable, this method can be awkward and time consuming. It's more convenient to download one of the third-party applications that are available in the Android app store, Google Play, and then download podcasts from within the app. There are many podcast apps available in the Android store. Below are four of the best.



The BeyondPod app has won a multitude of fans for its sleek design and intuitive user interface. The app also comes with some neat additional features. It works on Google Chromecast, automatically creates playlists based on the user's preferences, and will also play the podcast from where it was last paused if the user is interrupted and has to stop listening. While there is a charge to unlock all of the app's capabilities, there is a free "lite" version that allows users to try before they buy.


Pocket Casts

The gorgeous, modern design of the Pocket Casts app is well matched by its excellent array of features that allow the user to be in full control of their content. Users can organise their apps by genre, played or unplayed, or any other criteria they like. The app also automatically downloads new podcasts, and can be cross-synced with other devices, even Apple iOS devices, to keep all podcasts within one app. There is a fee to download the app, but the high ratings given by users indicate it would be money well spent.



The primary beauty of AntennaPod might be that it's completely free, but that doesn't mean it's inferior to other apps that must be purchased. In fact, whilst AntennaPod might not boast many of the features found in more elaborate podcast apps, its reliable playback, along with its standard features, such as the ability to download or stream shows, makes it an attractive and cost-effective alternative that has earned plenty of plaudits from users.



Doggcatcher has won a number of awards from Android industry experts for its ease of use, clean design, and selection of features. With Doggcatcher, it's easy to find and subscribe to new shows, listen to podcasts offline, and customise playlists, among other features. The app is also "data plan friendly," which means the user can choose to only download podcasts when they have sufficient bandwidth to do so.



The Android app store is awash with great podcast apps. New users can download a few to determine which ones best suits their needs. Most applications offer either a free trial or a "lite" version of their app, enabling the user to try the app's features before committing to buy the full version. Once settled on an app, users can browse the podcast shows, download their favourites, plug in their headphones and start listening.

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