Top 5 CCTV Playback Software

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Top 5 CCTV Playback Software

Security for one's home or business is a topic many people do not take lightly. Many safety-conscious consumers invest in closed-circuit television systems that perform visual monitoring of both the exterior and interior of buildings. However, surveillance technology extends far beyond video cameras with CCTV systems utilising computer software for both storing and playing back footage. Knowing the best CCTV playback software options available is essential when setting up a surveillance system.


1. Luxriot

CCTV is short for closed-circuit television. It uses video cameras; however, unlike broadcast television, closed-circuit television does not transmit its signal openly. Because of this, people use CCTV for surveillance of homes and businesses.

Luxriot MS software comes in five editions: personal, basic, professional, advanced, and enterprise. These editions differ in the number of supported cameras and the number of remote connections. Luxriot also lets users schedule recordings, access footage from web browsers and mobile devices, and control resolution based on bandwidth. Advanced optional features include licence plate recognition, intruder perimeter detection, and in-depth video analytics like people counting.


2. Active WebCam

CCTV software does more than simply playback footage. As technology advances, developers create new features that accommodate a broader range of situations. Top choices in CCTV software include video and audio recording, playback, and export functionality. Active WebCam supports recording and broadcasting from an unlimited number of security cameras. It also has network-enabled scheduling and remote control features. The software includes a simple image-editing tool that allows text captions, image overlays, and cropping.


3. iCatcher Console

This software matches most standard CCTV software features, such as remote control via the Internet, scheduled recording, email alerts, and motion detecting. iCatcher Console also utilises a proprietary streaming video protocol called iPEG. This streaming format analyses and optimises video and only transmits portions that require updating in the web viewer. The reduced amount of transmitted data results in a higher frame rate.


4. Netcam Watcher

Netcam Watcher generates email notifications when motion occurs during unexpected times. Additionally, it sends an email when cameras become nonresponsive or when an expected motion stops. This software also lets users mask areas that are not important to the surveillance video; this prevents false alerts. Netcam Water Remote Control is an optional component that gives access to recorded footage and camera controls via the Internet.


5. VisionGS BE

This CCTV software differentiates itself with support for dynamic DNS service, web plug-ins for custom websites, and multilanguage support. VisionGS PE is a free version with limited functionality.


Types of Cameras Used for CCTV

CCTV systems utilise cameras, which fall into three different categories: analogue, digital, and network. Each camera type has its own pros and cons.


Camera Type

Recording Method

Maximum Resolution (MP)


Video tape


PC (with capture card)









Network streaming



It is important to ensure that the camera and software are compatible. Before making a purchase, check the manufacturer's documentation and compare the specifications to that of any existing equipment.

Analogue CCTV Cameras

Though older analogue CCTV security systems use VCRs, newer CCTV setups transfer footage over a coaxial cable to a digital video recorder. The DVR then compresses the video and converts the signal from analogue to digital. Afterward, DVR's hard drive stores the footage. If the DVR has network capabilities, consumers can connect these devices to the Internet for streaming to remote devices or cloud storage. Otherwise, a PC with an appropriate video capture card performs the same tasks as a DVR with the added benefit of direct access to CCTV playback software.

Digital CCTV Cameras

Digital CCTV cameras differ from their analogue counterparts in that they do not need signal conversion. DVR use is still an option, but most people now record directly to a PC. Additionally, video resolution is higher because of the lack of signal conversion.

Network CCTV Cameras

Network cameras have built-in Internet or wireless functionality. These CCTV cameras do not require a DVR or PC and connect directly to a network resource with an Ethernet cable or via wireless connection. Footage streams to either a network video recorder with optional monitor attached, a PC on the same network, or through the Internet to a remote device.


How to Buy CCTV Playback Software on eBay

If you need CCTV playback software for your surveillance system, browse the wide selection of products available from reliable sellers on eBay. Finding the software that best suits your needs by searching for the features are important to you. Specify keywords like 'scheduled recording' or 'motion detecting' and narrow the number of returned results. Take a few minutes comparing your search results and reading feedback from previous buyers. Secure your premises by adding a security system with CCTV technology to give you peace of mind.

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