Top 5 Features of an iPad Docking Station

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Top 5 Features of an iPad Docking Station

iPads are a wonderful addition to any home. Answering emails, engaging with social media and surfing the internet has never been easier. Along with the iPad comes a selection of accessories that can enhance the enjoyment and practical functionality of these devices. One such product is the iPad docking station. But with so much choice available on the market, where does one begin to look? eBay's extensive range of both iPads and iPad accessories including docking stations make it a great place to shop.

This guide aims to outline the top 5 features of an iPad docking station.

What is An iPad Docking Station?

An iPad docking station is a charging device that connects to an iPad. The iPad sits vertically on the device. When connected, it not only charges the device, but also is connected to a set of speakers allowing the user to play music or video.

Top 5 Features of an iPad Docking Station

1. Charge

The iPad docking station charges your iPad whilst connected. This is the original feature of the dock and its primary function.

2. Speakers

Being able to play music or watch a movie whilst the iPad is connected to the docking station is an excellent function. Be sure to take time to look at the quality of the speakers on the dock as they vary depending on the model, make and cost.

3. Portable

The size of most iPad docking stations ( small docking stations) means it is a portable device that can be used in any location with a power supply. This makes it the perfect companion at work, on holiday or in the home to charge, play music, watch videos, sync devices or connect other devices.

4. Alarm Clock

The iPad docking station can be programmed to wake even the heaviest of sleepers up in the morning using an alarm clock. By combining functions, this will also clear away endless clutter created by different electronic devices with limited purpose.

5. FM Radio

Being able to listen to music on the docking station would not be complete without access to the radio. FM Radio features allow the users to tune in to their favourite radio show or wake up to the dulcet tones of breakfast radio presenters.

Buying Considerations

Due to the popular nature of the iPad and iPad docking stations, there are hundreds of different products available on the market. To ensure that the correct docking station is purchased, it is important to address the following points before a purchase is made.

  • What will the dock be used for? Having a clear understanding as to what the main function of the dock is will help with the purchase. It may be that not all of the top 5 features are required. This may mean a more affordable option is suitable.
  • Warranty. Does the dock come with a warranty?
  • Cost. Be sure to include incidental costs into the budget to avoid unexpected charges like postage.
  • Compatibility. If the dock is being purchased for more than just an iPad, be sure to check the device is compatible with the product to avoid disappointment.
  • Design. With the sheer range of products available on the market there really is a product to suit every personality. The range extends from the conventional to the unconventional. As most products will have similar functionality, take time to look for a product that reflects your personal taste.

How to Buy an iPad Docking Station on eBay

Buying an iPad docking station on eBay has never been easier. With simple search functions like the keyword search bar located at the top of ever page on the site, the advanced search option or search by categories mean that locating the desired docking station is easy.

Once a search has been entered, eBay will collate all the available products onto one page ready for browsing. To advance the search further, simply use the left hand panel to click through to different products or brands. eBay's user friendly website and safe and secure payment options allow the customer to pay via PayPal, credit card or debit card.


The iPad docking station consolidates all of the miscellaneous electronic items found around the home including radios, alarm clocks and excess chargers. Not only that, but the flexibility of the design allows other devices like smart phones and iPods to use the docking station.

With an extensive range of hundreds of different iPad docking stations in endless colours, patterns and designs, finding the perfect docking station for you has never been easier.

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