Top 5 Speakers for Your Desktop

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Top 5 Speakers for Your Desktop

As wonderful as a desktop computer is, sometimes the quality of speakers built in just doesn't produce the sound the music being played deserves. In some cases, the computer might not have speakers built in. With the introduction of portablemusic playing devices, like iPods and portable docking stations, the need for a home theatre system is fast becoming obsolete. Most households find it easier to play their music and films through their desktop computers. As a result the need for high quality and affordable speakers is on the rise. Thankfully auction sites like eBay offer a wide variety of choice to match every budget.

The Different Types of Desktop Speakers


Wired speakers are connected to the desktop computer via cables.


Wireless speakers operate on a wireless setting, similar to the broadband.

Top 5 Speakers

1. Sony External PC Speakers SRS-A3/BLK

The Sony External PC Speakers SRS-A3/BLK are compact whilst still producing a crisp sound. The sound is due largely to the high quality components that make the speakers. Small enough to be portable, it is possible to travel with these speakers. It is no surprise that Sony make the top 5 list, the company has long been rewarded for their high quality speakers.

The only drawback to these speakers is their frequency response, which is shallow in at the bass end. But overall a great set of speakers

2. Logitech Z320

The Logitech Z320 are a speaker with excellent sound, features and economical design. Not only that but they are cost effective making them affordable for all budgets. The design is small but powerful with the speakers facing upwards towards the listeners head. This offers a richer audio experience for the listener.

The only con for the Logitech is the inability to run off battery power.

3. Cyber Acoustics CA-896

The Cyber Acoustics CA-896 are a small speaker that can connect to both a desktop and other portable music playing devices like iPods via a USB port. This USB port also offers the opportunity for the user to charge portable devices including cameras – a nice additional feature. Despite the size of the speakers they can produce a loud amount of sound that fills a room.

4. Hercules XPS 2.3 30

These speakers produce a powerful sound. However one point worth taking into consideration is the amount of power it takes to produce this sound. The focus for the Hercules is on the sound, with what seems to be little thought put into the design aesthetic. If the aesthetic of the speakers is not important, then this is the perfect set to purchase.

5. Pioneer S-MM301

Not only does the Pioneer produce a great sound but they require no external power supply. The sound is clear and precise. The only fault worth mentioning is the inability to connect any other listening devices to the speakers like headphones. However it is possible to connect them directly to the computer, so not so much of a major issue.

Buying Considerations

When looking to purchase desktop speakers, it is important to take the following into consideration.

  • Sound Quality. Given that the main purpose of speakers is to listen to music etc, the quality of the sound is the most important factor to consider when looking to purchase. Be sure to address the specs offered as well as the direction the speakers are pointing/facing.
  • Connectivity. How easy is it to connect the speakers to your computer and are the connections compatible?
  • Drivers. The drivers are what produce the sound. To get a good sound coverage, the following is required: tweeter, mid-range/woofer, sub-woofer and full range drivers.

How to Buy Desktop Speakers on eBay

With an extensive range of speakers available on eBay, including new and pre-loved models it is not necessary to shop anywhere else. The site is simple and easy to use with numerous searching pathways. These include searching by using keywords in the keyword search bar, categories or if the exact product is known advance search. Once a search is completed eBay will pull up a list of all available products at that time.

Payment is safe and secure with the option to pay using the third party company PayPal or with your credit or debit card.


Speakers are a vital ingredient to being able to listen to music or watch movies on your desktop computer. They are a necessity for some computers which do not have speakers inbuilt but are also a nice addition to a desktop computer to enhance the sound quality and volume. eBay's extensive range of different speakers mean that there is a product suitable for every budget.

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