Top 5 Special Stages of the World Rally Championship

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Top 5 Special Stages of the World Rally Championship

The World Rally Championship is a performance-based motorsport event that takes place throughout the year all over the world. The championship consists of 13 rallies hosted in different countries and involves a variety of challenging terrains, from snow to gravel. Each rally is made up of 15 to 25 "special stages", which take place over three days. These different Special Stages offer drivers new and exciting challenges and let viewers watch a wide variety of different races in exotic environments.


1. St. Bollene Vesubie-Moulinet, Monte Carlo

The Rallye Monte Carlo is the oldest rally in the World Rally Championship. It is also the most prestigious leg of the sport and its top prize carries a lot of weight. Monaco is a small country, but its location on the Mediterranean coast and the Maritime Alps offers plenty of different terrain. The St. Bollene Vesubie-Moulinet Special Stage is one of the most challenging of the entire championship. It runs through a pass of 1,607 metres, and as the Rallye Monte Carlo takes place in January, conditions are usually snowy. The track has several sharp turns, which makes it both challenging and treacherous.


2. Nambucca, Australia

One of the most exciting special stages in the World Rally Championship takes place a lot closer to home. The Nambucca special stage is part of the Coates Hire Rally Australia leg of the championship. It runs through a wide variety of terrains, which makes it quite exciting to watch. Large stretches run through rugged sections of bush, but the track also takes drivers through farmland, forests, and gravel. A section of the track is paved, which allows drivers to top out the speed limits on their cars. At 49.37 kilometres, Nambucca is also one of the longest stretches in the championship.


3. Moselland, Germany

Although the rugged terrain of the Panzerplatte is the most famous Special Stage of the ADAC Rallye Deutschland, the Moselland Special Stage packs in a lot of excitement in a breathtaking environment. The Moselland Special Stage winds through the vineyard landscape of the Mosel River Valley, which offers both live and television viewers plenty of spectacular scenery. However, the track is also incredibly challenging. The hilly Mosel River Valley involves plenty of hairpin turns. The track has a lot of high walls and drops, which makes for some challenging driving. On top of that, conditions are often very slippery and muddy, making this Special Stage a nail biter at high speeds.


4. Monte Lerno, Italy

The Italian wing of the World Rally Championship, the Rally Italy Sardegna, takes place on the island of Sardinia, which is full of rugged terrain, jagged coastlines, and breathtaking scenery. The Monte Lerno Special Stage is one of the most popular with viewers due to its infamous jump. Although the rocky track is exciting in itself, "Micky's Jump" makes it exhilarating. The track suddenly drops, causing drivers to take a jump as they race. Accidents are not uncommon and it is an incredible test of driving skill. It can make viewers' hearts race, whether they watch the event live, on television, or on DVD.


5. Guanajuato street stage, Mexico

At just over a kilometre long, the Guanajuato street stage is one of the shortest in the championship, but it is also very interesting. The test stage is one of the few stages that take place in an urban environment, letting viewers enjoy a very different setting.

Guanajuato started its life as a silver mining town and it still maintains much of its historic charm, offering lots of scenery as well as racing action. The track runs through some of the old mining tunnels, which gives it a lot of unique charm. Viewers who want a little bit more of an adrenaline rush can also check out the Guanajuato Special Stage, which is one of the most challenging stretches in the championship. The 54-kilometre stretch is both fast and difficult, climbing through some incredibly high altitudes.


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