Top 5 Tips on Decorating Your Home!

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Top 5 Tips On Decorating Your Home!


1.    Reasearch Design Trends:

A great place to start researching and find inspiration on decorating your own home is by looking at trends and styles in magazines, design books, open days and showrooms.

2. Make a Scrapbook:

Once you have a decent collection of magazines and brochures, cut out the ideas you liked the most and place them together in a scrapbook to clearly see which ideas you can use and which ideas can be adapted for your home.  This will also help you to see if certain ideas will go together, or if they fall into the same theme or style for your home.

3. Be Brave With Texture:

Don't be afraid to look at the different textures and materials you can use to add extra dimension aand effect to the style you are trying to credate.  For example, the use of corrugated iron on a feature wall can instantly give your home that perfect country cottage feel.

4. Look at the Big Picture:

Try to harmonize the room by keeping the balance of he different components in mind.  For instance, where a picture is hung can "counter balance" the effect of a stand up lamp in the corner of a room.  Look at the room as a whole, and how each element plays a part.  Remember to keep the size and functionality of each room in mind whilst brainstorming ideas to make sure what your planning will actually fit the room.

5. Try to Match the Style of Your Room to its Purpose:

Style is best when adapted to the corresponding rooms.  For instance, different styles can look best in the living room (think comfort, soft lighting etc), whilst others are more suited to the kitchen or bathroom (brighter lights, more of a crisp clean feeling).


Incorporate these top tips when starting your next decorating project and you can't go wrong!


Haley Whittle


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