Top 5 Vacuum Cleaners for Car Interiors

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Getting all of the crumbs and dirt out of the interior of a vehicle is a job for a specialised vacuum with an extended reach. Vacuum cleaners for car interiors come with all of the attachments needed to get into every last crevice, and cordless varieties allow for flexibility to reach under seats and in the cargo hold. The top 5 vacuum cleaners for car interiors that are listed below have gained a positive reputation for offering all the features for an affordable price.
Hoover Handivac 12V Wet/Dry Vacuum

Hoover Handivac 12V Wet/Dry Vacuum A rechargeable vacuum cleaner featuring powerful suction without the pesky cord, the Hoover Handivac was made with cleaning car interiors in mind. As a wet/dry vacuum, users can feel comfortable sucking up the dirt on any surface; the vacuum even functions on wet surfaces when dirt is brought into a car after a rainstorm or day at the beach. A window squeegee attachment and the included crevice tools get every last bit of a car clean.

Eureka Easy Clean 71B

Eureka Easy Clean 71B While the bulky design doesn't get into the small crevices, the powerful suction all but makes up for anything lacking in the design. As a corded vacuum, the Eureka Easy Clean comes with a 6-meter cord that makes it easy to plug it into an interior wall without limiting the reach of the cleaner. A crevice tool is included, although the more traditional vacuum design of the Eureka cleaner makes it necessary to attach the tool to the hose to utilise it.

Bissell CleanView 47R5-1

Bissell CleanView 47R5-1 Combining a four-amp motor and 35V motor, the Bissell CleanView takes suction to the next level when it comes to cleaning the interior of a car. While the Bissell vacuum cleaner is corded, the 5-meter cord makes it easy to plug it in and still have room to move around the inside of the vehicle. A HEPA filter reduces the presence of allergens in the vehicle, and the cyclonic cleaning system ensures that the vacuum does not lose suction over time. Dirt is collected in a cup and can be easily emptied, eliminating the need for costly bags.

Dirt Devil Extreme Power M0914

Dirt Devil Extreme Power M0914 An all-in-one vacuum that can be recharged to avoid the inconvenience of a cord, the Dirt Devil Extreme Power makes it easy to go from cleaning the surface carpet on the floor of a vehicle to the small crevices in between seats by flipping down the crevice tool. A retractable brush is ideal for the plushest surfaces, and the large handle makes this vacuum cleaner portable for a quick cleanup after a messy outing.

CleanUp Super Vacuum Accessories Kit

While it is not a vacuum on its own, this kit deserves a place on the top five list for the way it transforms the average vacuum cleaner into a powerful tool for getting cars clean. The Nook and Cranny Brush lets vacuums get into the hard-to-reach spots where dirt tends to settle, while the Sticky Beak Nozzle tapers at the end to give it the ability to reach dirt and get in tight places. A Hand Turbo Tool is made for upholstery, making it the ideal tool for cars with plush seats.

Whether vacuum cleaners are used for an all-over cleaning of a vehicle interior or a quick swipe after an outdoor adventure, choosing one that offers power, convenience, and the right tools to get down into each last crevice is a must. The five vacuum cleaners listed above and more can easily be found online.
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