Top 5 Ways to Decorate Your Deck

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Top 5 Ways to Decorate Your Deck

A deck is a great way to extend the homes living space into the outdoors. Whatever their location, regardless of the climate and typical weather, decks can have many uses and functions, and can really add something to the home.

This guide will examine the top 5 ways to decorate one’s deck:

  • Installing some solar lighting
  • Getting a set of table and chairs
  • Creating a shaded area
  • Adding some greenery
  • Purchasing a mat or rug

Decks are great for those who love sitting out in the sun, those who spend a great deal of time dining outside when at home, and people who wish to showcase their home with a prominent key feature at the forefront of their house.


A deck is a flat surface capable of supporting weight that is typically constructed outdoors, often elevated from the ground and usually connected to a building. A deck may also be known as decking or a patio.

Decks are typically made from wood and have many uses, from being used as part of a garden’s landscape to extending the home’s living areas.

Generally, the deck of a house is a wooden platform built above the ground and is connected to the main building. Decks are typically enclosed using a railing, which doubles up as a safety feature.  Access to the deck is often from the house through doors as well as a stairway at the front or side. Decks may be left open or may be covered by a canopy or pergola to the control the amount of sunlight.

Some decks may also be found on the roof of the house or on the upper levels- these are sometimes called ‘sky rise greeneries’.

Top 5 Ways to Decorate Your Deck

Decks should be decorated so that it reflects the taste, fashion and functionality of its owners. A good deck can create a comfortable room outdoors, capture a great view and add a feeling of spaciousness to the home by blurring the boundaries between in and outdoors. 

Due to their outside nature, decks have a seemingly endless choice where design is concerned. Here are the top 5 ways to decorate one’s deck:

1.    Install Some Solar Lighting

A deck without lights is a deck that can only be used in the daytime when it’s light out. A deck with lights, however, can be used all day and all night long. Installing lighting to the deck means that one can see, read and eat outside at night.

Solar lighting is a great idea for decks because they are affordable, convenient and very easy to install and look after. Solar lighting also uses solar power to operate, so it’s a safe, clean and renewable source of energy unlike traditional lighting that relies on electricity for power.

There’s no wiring with solar lights as they rely on solar-charged batteries, which are renewed by the sun’s rays every day. Another advantage of solar lighting is that the lights don’t need an on/off switch; they simply light up when it is getting dark and fade when the light comes up.

Solar lighting for decks comes in many different styles and types from carriage lights to lanterns and rope lights.

2.    Get a Set of Table and Chairs

Every deck needs a good place to sit and relax whilst enjoying the weather and the view. A good set of outdoor table and chairs is essential for breakfast in the sunshine in the morning and sunset dining of an evening.

Due to the outside nature of the deck, it may be worth investing in a cover for the table and chairs to prevent rusting and for their longevity

3.    Create a Shaded Area

Everybody loves the sunshine, but sometimes it can feel too much, especially during the middle of the day when the sun is at its highest point, so another great decorative deck idea is to create a shaded area.

The easiest way to achieve this is to install a retractable awning. These devices have a weather resistant fabric that can be rolled in or retracted when needed. Awnings are available in many different styles, sizes, colours and designs to suit all decks.

Large patio umbrellas or parasols are also a great way of achieving a shaded area on the deck.

4.    Add Some Greenery

No deck is complete without some greenery (they are outside after all). Plants and vegetation will not only bring the deck to life; it will continue the flow of the garden blending the deck with garden in a flawless manner.

Window boxes or railing boxes work really well on decks, particularly on smaller decks where every inch is valuable.

If the house is semi-detached or is situated very close to the next-door neighbour’s home, it’s often a good idea to plant for privacy. Create a secluded corner on the deck by planting large plants or small trees (cypress, juniper or rose etc) in containers to keep those nosey neighbours out.

5.    Purchase a Mat or Rug

A simple mat or rug can really add a homely feel to the deck. Mats and rugs are also practical as they provide a soft cushion beneath the deck furniture and a comfortable place to rest feet.

Rugs made from synthetic fibres (such as acrylic and polypropylene) are often the best bet for outdoor use, as they won’t be ruined by the weather. Many outdoor mats and rugs are also easy to wash and often stain resistant, so bear that in mind should the deck require these specific mat types.

In order to have a successful purchase, be sure to measure the area of the deck to be covered before purchasing.

How to Buy Decorative Items for Your Deck

There is a great range of decorative products for decks currently on the market. However the greatest choice can be found online and reviewed next to each other aligned with individual preferences. In this sense, eBay is the perfect choice for presenting a quick and simple route in searching for decorative items for decks on the Internet.

Here is some guidance to help buyers browse through the renowned auction website in the most efficient way:

  • Search – To begin a search on the website, enter ‘solar lighting’ for example, into the search toolbar. From the menu located on the left-hand side, select ‘home & garden’ and then click onto ‘outdoor living’.
  • Shop Safely – In order to ensure a successful purchase, read the product description thoroughly and review the postage and payment details before purchasing. Remember to always contact the seller if unsure about any part of the transaction or simply if more information is required about the product.
  • eBay Deals – Look out for the latest deals on decorative items for decks by checking in the ‘outdoor & travel’ section. Many great discounts can be found here along with free postage costs.


There are many factors to take into consideration when purchasing decorative items for decks. However, with the important information outlined in this guide, coupled with eBay’s highly detailed and easy to use website, buying items to decorate the deck is easy.

Purchasing on eBay should be considered due to the potential of finding a great deal and the extensive choice available. Remember to stay safe on the website by using payment scheme PayPal before completing a transaction.

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