Top 6 Sofas for Small Spaces

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Top 6 Sofas for Small Spaces

Sofas for smaller spaces are an essential product for people, as many continue to downsize their homes. The standard sofa measures 84 inches, which can overwhelm a smaller space. Whether for a small living room in an apartment, or an older home with narrow doorway that cannot accommodate larger furniture, a smaller sofa is often a good investment. Apartment-sized sofas range from 68 to 72 inches, which can make all the difference.

Buyers can find sofas of many styles and sizes through specialty retailers or at online marketplaces like eBay. Buyers should consider whether a small sofa might be the best option for their home, and then explore the features such sofas offer. They can then make a better decision about which sofa to buy. The six sofas discussed below represent the versatility of small sofas, and give buyers several choices of quality makes and models.

How to Determine if a Small Sofa is the Best Option

Sometimes people try to fit a large sofa in a small space. Unfortunately, even if the sofa fits, it usually makes the space look cramped. Couches should not crowd the end tables or the coffee tables, and inhabitants should have enough room to walk around. Buyers should measure the space before committing to a sofa, and take into consideration placement of doorways and tight corners. . That way, they do not risk purchasing a sofa that is clearly too large for a space.

Older homes and apartments are simply not made for larger furniture. It is always a shame when someone moves into a new home, only to find that their sofa cannot fit due to the logistics of the doorways and hallways. Therefore, buyers must consider the logistics of their spaces. Professional movers can be effective in manoeuvring furniture, but they cannot do magic. Do the math ahead of time.

What to Consider in a Sofa

Sofas are made for relaxing, so its comfort level is an important factor. For some people, large, overstuffed sofas seem like the way to go. However, in a small room, lush or overstuffed sofas can overwhelm the space. Often, a structured sofa can be comfortable enough for most people, and dressing it up with comfortable throw pillows makes it feel luxurious.

Sofa Material

The material of a sofa can be another important factor in the decision-making process, as well. Some people prefer leather, or leather-like materials, simply because they are easy to maintain. Leather resists spilled wine or juice more readily than fabric does. Leather is also very durable. However, it can be sticky and uncomfortable in hot weather. Most sofas are made from cotton-blend fabrics. If the household contains small children, darker coloured materials are a good choice to hide spills or stains. Even if children are not present, choosing a darker colour can be good for anyone interested in keeping their sofa looking new longer.

Sofa Structure

The structure of a sofa is also important. For example, armless sofas help make smaller spaces seem larger. Convertible sofas, on the other hand, can be opened up into a bed to accommodate overnight guests. This is perfect for those who want to get the most of their small space. Generally, smaller sofas can only accommodate two to three people, so a small sofa with matching chairs and ottomans makes room for more people. Smaller, sectional-style sofas are also great for smaller spaces, because they can wrap around a room, instead of simply being constricted to a single wall.

Small sofas are ideal for small spaces. The sofas listed below offer many of the aforementioned important qualities, and more. While there is no one sofa that is right for every need, the couches discussed in the following sections provide a nice range of options.

Small Sofa #1: James Lounge by Gus Furniture

Ideal for a small space, the James lounge is 72 inches wide. With a pleasing mid-century modern, style design, this couch would look great in any small space. The back cushions are removable, making it an ideal sleeper sofa. It is even designed to fit twin bed sheets. This versatile small sofa is leaps and bounds more attractive than a futon, and is a good space saver. With options for fabric or vinyl upholstery, it is a great pick.

Small Sofa #2: Kivik Chaise by Ikea

Ikea is known for its affordable furniture, and the Kivik is no exception. This lush, but not overstuffed, chaise is a great option for those on a budget. Not only that, but it is a single person sized. It is perfect for those who do not anticipate a lot of company, or those with very small spaces. At just under 36 inches wide, it is the smallest sofa featured.

Small Sofa #3: Ava Fabric Loveseat by Macy's

A mid-century inspired design, the Ava fabric loveseat measures just 57 inches wide. It is ideal for small spaces that house only a few people. The solid wood legs are removable, which facilitates moving it into smaller rooms through narrow doorways. It is available in four different textured fabric colours, all of which are classy, neutral options.

Small Sofa #4: Everett Loveseat by West Elm

The Everett loveseat gives people a choice of either fabric, or leather at an additional cost. The arms are also low enough to not overpower a room. Since the style is more structured, it complements more masculine styles of interior design. The clean lines and simple silhouette are great for dressing up a space.

Small Sofa #5: Buchanan Twin Sleeper Chair by Pottery Barn

With an inventive design, the Buchanan twin sleeper chair fits the needs of people in small spaces who like to provide guests with a nice place to sleep. This sofa is only 55.5 inches wide; however, packed inside of its soft upholstery is a twin sized bed that folds out. Unlike the James lounge, this sleeper chair hides its bed space, saving the rest of the space in the room, and providing a more compact seating space. This is certainly a great option for many.

Small Sofa #6: Krefeld Settee by Knoll

With its clean design, the Krefeld settee is a great option for those who like a bit of control. It comes in a huge range of fabrics and colours. Measuring only 57 inches wide, it is another great small space option. The legs are removable for easy transportation. Not only that, but the coil spring support system and high density foam cushions provide extra comfort. All of the above, plus Knoll's commitment to sustainability, make this is an undeniably high quality sofa.

How to Buy Small Sofas on eBay

eBay has an excellent selection of small sofas available at any given time. To find an item, you can search or browse. By using keywords, you can narrowly tailor your search to exactly what you are looking for. Though eBay may not offer every make and model listed above at all times, it is certain to offer many great options that have the same attributes as the aforementioned couches.

Using synonyms can help you find a wider range of matches. For example, a search for a "black sofa" may return some different results than a search for "black couch". You should be sure to explore all of your options by browsing the search results. Any questions should be addressed to sellers prior to purchasing an item to ensure that you are happy with your selection, and that it works well for your small space. Be sure to include delivery fees in your budget, and explore the option of local pickup for sellers that are not too far away.


Sofas can be a fun purchase. They allow people to dress up a room and comfortably accommodate overnight guests. People can express their sensibilities through their furniture, as well. For some people, providing guests with a comfortable place to stay is of paramount importance. For them, James lounge by Gus or the Buchanan Twin Sleeper Chair by Pottery Barn are two great options. For others, a clean and simple design is the key. The Everett loveseat by West Elm and the Krefeld settee by Knoll meet those criteria. Above all, the sofa should be comfortable, and should fit a space well. Sofas without arms make a room look less crowded. Sofas with removable legs are often easier to move in and out of doorways. There are so many options for small spaces; it is just a matter of finding a sofa that meets your needs.

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