Top 6 Sportswear Items for Outdoor Workouts

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Top 6 Sportswear Items for Outdoor Workouts

All women want to look their best. Part of that is staying healthy and in shape. Outdoor workout routines of all different types are invaluable tools to help with that goal. In general, for many outdoor activities, any clothing that is comfortable is an acceptable option when it comes to choosing what to wear for the activity. Most people, however, are not just interested in what works. They want to know the best sportswear items to choose in order to get the most from the outdoor workout, to stay comfortable, and to improve their performance.

The answer to that varies in many ways, depending on the activity and the season. However, there are six top sportswear items to choose when considering routines geared for outside. To be certain to have a well-equipped sportswear wardrobe for any season or activity, be sure to have these items ready to go at all times.

Item 1: Sports Bra

Regardless of what the activity is, a woman needs good support when she is active. While a regular bra may do the trick for some routines, there are a number of reasons why wearing one for a workout is not as optimal as wearing a sports bra. Regular bras are typically not as comfortable and can even bind and hinder a woman's range of motion. Many non-sport bras do not offer the support that a woman needs when she is active. Finally, the materials and construction of a sports bra is much better suited for outdoor routines, allowing moisture to escape and keeping her cool. 

Item 2: Base Layer

When working out in the outdoors, it is best to layer up so that the body stays warm and limber throughout the activity. The base layer is the bottommost layer that covers the top part of the body. It can be short sleeved, long sleeved, or three-quarter length. Many women prefer to own at least one sports shirt in each of these different sleeve lengths.

When choosing a top that provides a good base layer, the most preferable one is constructed from moisture wicking material. This fabric is great for workout wear, especially when it is to be worn outdoors. The following chart describes some of the key characteristics of moisture wicking materials that makes choosing sportswear items constructed from it a wise choice.


Benefit over Traditional Materials

Wicks Moisture

Unlike conventional materials that absorb and hold moisture, this material absorbs it from the body and pushes it into the surrounding layers or air, keeping the body warm and dry


Typically designed specifically to fit the shape of the body and lightweight so that movements are not hindered by bulky, ill-fitting bunches of fabric


Allows the moisture to escape but keeps the warm air in, keeping the body at the appropriate temperature consistently

Layers Easily

The fit and weight of this type of material allows the wearer to add as many layers as is comfortable or necessary to keep the body warm

Moves with the Body

The soft texture of the material and the contoured fit means that the garment moves with the body, ensuring a good range of movement

Clearly, a base layer constructed from this type of material is the best option for outdoor workouts. The different styles, including the different sleeve lengths, can be combined to be worn during the workout. Each layer can be removed individually to help maintain good body temperature throughout the workout.

Item 3: Bottoms

Depending on the temperature outside, the bottom part of the body does not usually require layering. The top part of the body is what regulates overall body temperature, as that is where the vital organs are. For this reason, one layer on the bottom is generally appropriate. That layer may be thick for winter months, or thinner for warmer weather.

The length of the pants is also variable: shorts, three-quarter length, or full length pants. Different styles are typical for different sports and activities. Choose a pair of workout pants that has a weight and leg length that is most appropriate for the season and the workout, or choose a couple of different ones for use on different occasions. As with the base layer, it is wise to choose bottoms constructed from moisture wicking materials so that the bottom part of the body stays warm and dry during the workout.

Item 4: Outer Shell

The outer shell is an important element of a good outdoor workout outfit. It should be easy to remove and roomy enough to easily go over the base layers and allow for a full range of movement. Many people prefer a lightweight outer shell. Regardless of its heaviness or other features, it should be constructed from quality fabrics that are specifically designed to keep the body at the appropriate temperature but let out all moisture. Unlike a base layer that simple wicks the moisture away from the body, the job of the outer shell is to let the body breathe but keep any rain, moisture, and wind from penetrating.

Item 5: Socks

Socks are one sportswear item that many people do not give much attention to the majority of the time. For some activities, it is very important to wear a good pair of sports socks that keep the feet dry and comfortable in the shoes. These should also be constructed from materials that wick the moisture from the body. The thickness should be appropriate for the fit of the shoe. Sports socks should keep the foot from moving around inside the footwear, which can affect performance and can even cause strain on the feet.

Item 6: Head Covering

Head coverings do two main jobs when worn as a part of workout gear: shade the face and provide warmth. Depending on the season, either one or both of these may be necessary. In order to shade the face from the glare of the sun, choose a cap or visor with a bill on it.

Head coverings designed to keep the head warm come in a number of different styles, from the simple stocking cap to earmuffs or even a full head cover. Choose one that is most appropriate for the activity and the season. It should wick moisture away from the head and, at the same time insulate it to keep in the valuable body heat.

Buying Outdoor Sportswear Items on eBay

While it is possible to find these types of outdoor sportswear items in a number of different brick and mortar stores, many women enjoy the easy, versatile shopping experience of purchasing them on eBay. Many such items are regularly available on eBay and the prices typically represent a much greater bargain than those listed at the sporting goods store. Finding sportswear on eBay is as simple as entering relevant keywords, such as "tracksuit" into the search bar found on every page. You can then narrow down the listings by selecting filters such as size, brand, colour, and condition.

Because everyone is eager to save money where they can, try saving some by looking for sportswear items that have been bundled together for sale. Or, try finding several items that are for sale by the same seller, who often ships the items together. Another great way to save is to frequently browse the bargains listed regularly on the eBay Deals site.


Regular exercise should be an important part of every woman's workout routine for looking great and staying healthy. That exercise can take many different forms, including any of a large number of outdoor workout programmes and activities. Getting out there and doing them is what is most important, but having the proper gear to do it comfortably and with high performance often makes a woman more likely to enjoy it and keep returning.

Some sportswear items are expensive. That is why it is wise for her to carefully choose a comprehensive selection of the six top sportswear items for outdoor workouts and to find ways to save money when purchasing those. Doing that ensures that she has the right gear for the activity, allowing her to enjoy it and get the most out of the workout.

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