Top 8 Living Room Design Ideas

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Top 8 Living Room Design Ideas

Different people seek different things from their living rooms. For some, living rooms are a place to relax and unwind after a long day at work, whereas for others they are a place made for gathering family and friends to socialise.

Buyers may find themselves wanting to change the ambiance or functionality of their room, and this can be done in a number of ways, and without the help of a professional interior designer. The following guide shall examine a number of living room designs ideas that can be employed at home, and will explain how to find necessary materials and tools on eBay.

Top 8 Design Ideas

1 – Set the Tone with a Colour

The easiest way to change a living room’s tone is to change the colour of the walls. The colour of the paint or wallpaper used will have a big effect on how people feel in the room. As such, it’s best to avoid dark and intense colours. Instead look for warm, bright and light colours, as these are more relaxing and can make the room appear to be more spacious. Buyers should consider the colour of the carpet or floor and avoid using paints or wallpapers that will clash with the base. 

2 – Use Clever Storage

Clutter can reduce people’s enthusiasm to spend time in a living room. It doesn’t matter if one person or five occupies the home, clutter will still find a way to take over a house.  The key to combating this problem is to use practical storage units that tie in with the overall ambience of the room. Buyers should consider buying storage that can be used for other things, such as built-in benches. Buyers should wall mount flat screen TVs and keep media centres hidden from sight in by using media storage units.

3 – Wallpaper a Panel

Buyers who wish to add some vibrancy to their living room but are unsure about wallpapering the whole room could instead opt for wallpapering a panel. This is a great way to brighten up a dull room up and add some character. This works especially well on walls that have been painted pale colours like white and cream.

Buyers should look for wallpapers with large prints and deep and rich colours, and should buy similarly coloured furnishings to tie in with the wallpaper. This option is also a lot less expensive than wallpapering a whole room, and it’s a lot easier to change if it doesn’t work.

4 – Pick a Theme

Buyers who are planning on a complete overhaul of their living room should consider picking a theme. For instance, they may want to pick colours, furniture and furnishings that are reflective of something they’re interested in, e.g. Art Deco or an era like the Sixties. It’s a good idea to make a scrapbook and collect samples of wallpapers, fabric and carpets, and to experiment with contrasting colours.

5 – Experiment with Fabrics

Keeping the walls and floor of the living room plain allows buyers to experiment with the fabrics they use for their furniture. Buyers should look for fabrics with big and bold designs, and for colours different to those of the walls. Buyers do not need to buy a new set of furniture to do this, and instead can search for upholstered fabric.

The benefit of using an upholstered furniture cover is it is easy to clean and change, and furniture covers can be bought for very low prices. Buyers can also experiment with the type of fabric they are using, as furniture covers are available in leather, cotton, silk and suede. Large blocks of colour in sofas and other furniture can have a strong impact in a plain room. Buyers can either choose neutral colours that will complement their walls, or instead vivid colours that will break up the monotony of the room.

6 – Create a Focal Point

This is of great benefit as it will tie the living room together and help create order and calmness. Fireplaces are excellent natural focal points, and placing a large and interestingly designed mirror above one will create space and draw attention. The focal point for the majority of modern living rooms is the TV, so make sure this is placed in a space that emphasises the natural symmetry of the room.

7 – Rearrange the Furniture

This may seem a little obvious, but the layout of the furniture in a living room can really influence the mood. If the living room is used mainly for socialising then arrange the furniture in a way that will encourage conversation. An easy way to do this is to simply place two sofas facing one another, and break the space up in between with a low and long coffee table. If the room is generally used for entertainment then line the sofas and chairs parallel so the person sitting can see both the TV and those beside them.

8 – Accessorise with Art

A large painting can also be used for a focal point, and this will give the room character and life. Smaller paintings can be hung together over a sofa, and this will improve the neatness of the room. Paint the frames interesting colours that contrast against the walls, and hang paintings over light fixtures and lamps.

Searching for Living Room Items on eBay 

Buyers are advised to use eBay for all of their living room needs, as the site has an unrivalled collection of paints, wallpapers, furniture and furnishings, all at very low prices. It’s important for buyers to have a good idea of what they want before they begin a search, and they should make a list of exactly what is needed. When this is done they can head to to start a search. When the homepage has loaded, buyers should click on the Home & Garden heading found to the left of the search bar.

· Buyers searching for paints or wallpapers can find these items in the Building Materials, DIY tab. Buyers will also find equipment such as paintbrushes and rollers here.

· Buyers searching for furniture or furniture covers will find these in the Furniture tab.

· Hand and power tools like screwdrivers and cordless drills are found in the Tools tab.

· Once buyers have reached the listing page of their desired item, they can use the search bar to refine the listings.

eBay Deals is a new portion of the site that sells items at very reduced prices. Buyers may find a number of items they are looking for here, and to access this part of the site simply click on the ‘Deals’ link located at the top of the page.

Buyers can then choose to browse through Furniture and Home Decor, both located in the Home & Lifestyle tab, or Handyman Tools that are found in the Tools tab. Buyers should also check out the eBay Stores, as they may find interesting and unusual fabrics and wallpapers. Experienced sellers run the stores, and often specialise in certain areas like home design.


Redesigning a living room requires only patience and imagination, and it’s very easy to create a room reflective of the people that live in it. Living rooms are the centre point for most homes, so it’s important for buyers to spend some time thinking about the colours, furniture, and how everything is laid out.

Living rooms should be inviting and relaxing, and encourage people to stay. eBay is a great place to search for the various products and tools used in designing living rooms, and buyers will find an unrivalled selection at prices lower than those found in DIY department stores.

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