Top 8 Skirts for Curvy Women

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Top 8 Skirts for Curvy Women

Curvy women often have a hard time finding clothes that are flattering and fit them properly. In a fashion world obsessed with waif-like models who are rarely the size of the average woman, curvy people often find it difficult to discover skirts that make them look and feel good. Unfortunately, clothes that look just fine on skinny girls can make curvaceous women look too provocative.

Still, voluptuous women have many options when it comes to skirts. Those who are seeking ones that flatter their figure should consider these eight styles. Because a skirt is not worn alone, curvy women should also consider how it works with other apparel, shoes, and accessories. Whether purchased from traditional clothing stores or online through eBay, wearing the right skirt can make curvy women feel glamourous and good about themselves.

Overview on the Curvy Body Shape

When people talk about curvy women, they are often referring to four body types: hourglass, pear, funnel, and apple. Women should know their body type before purchasing a skirt that best suits them.

Curvy Body Type



Small, well-defined waist

Large hips

Large chest

Most aspired body type


Wide hips

Short waist

Long legs

Most common body type


Curvy top area

Larger chest than hips

Slender hips

Trim thighs


Fullest around belly and middle area

Large bust area

Slender legs

Flat bottom

Women come in all shapes and sizes. Apart from the overall body shape, curvy women should also take into consideration their height when choosing a skirt. Petite women, for example, should keep their skirts knee length. At the end of the day, it is a matter of knowing the best skirt to match their silhouette.

8 Flattering Skirts for Curvy Women

Because of their shapely nature, curvaceous women often find that skinny jeans are not their best friend, especially since it often clings to all the wrong places. According to many fashion bloggers, clothes that fit well should skim the body instead of clinging to it like a sausage. No wonder many curvy women turn to skirts for a flattering look.

Style 1: A-Line Skirt

According to Oprah Magazine, every curvy woman should have an A-line skirt in her closet. A-line skirts have a fitted top that clings to the upper hip and gets slightly wider towards the hem, making it look like the letter "A". Christian Dior first introduced this silhouette in his 1955 spring collection, but it was Yves Saint Laurent that modified and popularised the design as it is known today. Because its style hides the wearer's hips and thighs, and its universally flattering nature, InStyle magazine believes that women of all body types should have an A-line skirt.

Style 2: Flared Skirt

Flared skirts are the exaggerated version of the A-line skirt. Generally, its design hugs at the hips and flares out dramatically as it reaches the hem. Many fashion bloggers recommend the flared skirt for tall women with large hips. Petite women, however, should steer clear of the flared skirt, because it can overwhelm their small frame. According to Instyle magazine, flared skirts are best when cinched at the waist, with a hemline that ends right below the knee.

Style 3: Pleated Skirt

Many people feel that curvy women should stay away from pleated skirts because it gives them unnecessary volume. Glamour Magazine, on the other hand, states that subtle pleats are acceptable so long as the waist is nipped-in and highlighted. In fact, many curvy fashion bloggers post pictures of themselves wearing various pleated A-line or flared skirts that are still flattering on their body. When choosing a pleated skirt, Glamour recommends choosing one with a fitted waist and pleat detail located near the hemline. Look for box pleated skirts, and avoid accordion-pleated skirts.

Style 4: Pencil Skirt

MSN recommends the pencil skirt for the curvy body type. It may seem counterintuitive for a curvy woman to wear a clingy skirt, but this is great for those who are curvy but have a flat stomach. Women with a noticeable belly can don Spanx or shapewear to smoothen out all the lumps and bumps. In fact, celebrities wear shapewear with the pencil skirt all the time. Combined with a statement belt, pencil skirts create sexy and streamlined silhouette. When choosing patterns, stay away from anything that is large and busy. Many fashion bloggers recommend going for skirts in solid colours whether bright or dark.

Style 5: Trumpet Skirt

Fashion writers also suggest curvy women wear trumpet skirts. This type of skirt is fitted at the top with a dramatic flare at the bottom. The trumpet skirt plays up the wearer's curves. According to Oprah Magazine, the skirt length should be knee length or risk looking like a flamenco dancer. Petite women, however, should choose skirts that end just before the knee. Pair it with stiletto heels for a glamourous look.

Style 6: Tulip Skirt

According to InStyle magazine, wearing a tulip skirt does wonders for a curvy woman's shape. Even if it adds extra layers on the hips, tulip skirts look great on many body shapes. For women with large busts and slim hips, this balances out their figure and makes their waist appear slimmer. Some tulip skirts are also draped using a chiffon fabric, giving it an ultra-feminine appearance. To add more visual punch to the outfit, fashion bloggers recommend wearing it with a wide belt.

Style 7: Wrap Skirt

From the name itself, a wrap skirt is a rectangular piece of fabric that is wrapped and tied around the waist. Because the wrap skirt is is self-adjustable, it can be fixed to completely cover or partially cover the legs. According to FlavourMag, wrap skirts on curvy women are best paired with a V-neck top. Fashion writers also suggest pairing wrap skirts with skinny heels to create the illusion of long and lean legs. Wrap skirts made from more casual fabric can be paired with a sandals or wedges.

Style 8: Maxi Skirt

According to Redbook Magazine, maxi skirts are great for the curvy fashionista. These are often an elastic garment that hugs the derriere and reaches down to the ankle. Maxi skirts give a boho-chic vibe, which is great for summer fashion. When purchasing a maxi skirt, curvy women should take care to look ones with a more structured fabric and silhouette. Wear it with wedges for easy-breezy summer look. Some fashion bloggers also wear the maxi skirt as a dress by bringing it up to their chest and wearing a belt.

Shopping for Skirts on eBay

If you are looking for skirts online, be sure to make eBay your first stop. Type "curvy skirts" on the search bar found on eBay's every page. Doing this turns up skirt listings catering to the curvy woman. Those who want better search results should be more specific like typing "A-line skirt" or "pencil skirts". Another option is to append the brand name of the product like "Zara maxi skirt" or "Marks and Spencer flared skirt".

You can also filter through the search results by price, condition, location, and more. Shoppers with questions can go to the very bottom of the product listing where the "Ask a Question" link is found. While there are also pre-owned skirts available, you should make sure to take a look at great eBay deals on skirts & shorts.


Whether possessing an apple, pear, hourglass, or funnel body type, curvy women can look beautiful with the right skirt. A wide range of skirts may be purchased, but not all of them are flattering on a curvy woman's figure. Complementary skirts for voluptuous bodies include A-line, flared, pencil, pleated, trumpet, tulip, maxi, and wrap skirts, among others. While these are skirt recommendations made by fashion bloggers and magazines, fashion do's and don'ts should always be thrown out the window if the person looks and feels beautiful in her outfit. After all, fashion is a form of self-expression. When looking for a skirt that best suits the curvy body, consider shopping on eBay to take advantage of the best deals and prices.

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