Top Ten Shoe Facts

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  1. 10% of women will spent $1,000 or more on shoes in a year. Guys know what size your girl is.
  2. 55% of women had to be carried at some point due to sore feet. Remember this when your wife / girl friends puts on heels.
  3. For healthy feet (Men and Women) rotate your shoes. Do not wear same pair of shoes more than 2 days straight. Air shoes out over night for dry and healthy feet.
  4. 79% of women at some point have worn just shoes when intimate.
  5. 82% of men considered stilettos sexiest footwear.
  6. 80% of women consider cosmetic surgery to make their feet beautiful.
  7. Running shoes are best cleaned with toothpaste and old toothbrush.
  8. Tenderise new leather shoes by placing a piece of cardboard on them and hit cardboard with a hammer.
  9. 50% of women own more than 30 shoes.
  10. Smelly shoes / boots or just want them to smell fresh? Air them outside overnight with a fresh orange peel inside them, in the morning your shoes / boots will smell great.
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