Toshiba Notebook BIOS Password Removal Tool Guide

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Toshiba Notebook BIOS Password Removal Tool Guide Via Parallel Port.

Works on most of the older model Toshiba notebooks with parallel port available.

Hope this will serve as an information and also to help some of them who owns a Toshiba notebook with BIOS password problem but unable to get it fix yet have a little time to do their own research for solutions.

I have been using this tool for almost 4 years now and it works just fine for me so far. If you are able to make a simple device that you can connect to your Toshiba notebook parallel port, most of the older model of Toshiba notebooks BIOS password can be removed when you connect this device and boot up your notebook. Some call this device as "loopback" tester and "loopback" deactivator. This device can be made out of any parallel wire with 25 pins connector.

These is how the pin should be connected or soldered :

1 to 5 to 10,
2 to 11,
3 to 17,
4 to 12,
6 to 16,
7 to 13,
8 to 14 and 
9 to 15.

Connected Pins Functions :

1 to 5 to 10, 1=Strob, 5 =Data Bit 3, 10 = Ack
2 to 11, 2=Data Bit 0, 11=Busy
3 to 17, 3=Data Bit 1, 17=SLCT IN
4 to 12, 4=Data Bit 2, 12=Paper End
6 to 16, 6=Data Bit 4, 16=Reset
7 to 13, 7=Data Bit 5, 13=SLCT (Out)
8 to 14  8=Data Bit 6, 14=Auto Feed
9 to 15  9=Data Bit 7, 15=Not Connected

Remark : 18 to 25=Ground

Fix it and get the password removed when notebook boots up. Thats all to it.

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