Toy/Model soldiers -a starting point.

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I thought I would jot down in this guide some things to look for when purchasing model soldiers. Perhaps a beginner, novice collector could use some of these tips and ideas. I know there is a lot to learn on this topic so this will not be exhaustive but a beginning. I therefore challenge my fellow enthusiasts to add to the pool of knowledge so we can build a bank of information for all.

Tip 1- Be careful of the scale you purchase. If it is not clearly marked on the ad. what scale models are, ask the seller. 25mm, 1/72, 28mm are simlar but slightly different. This can be a trap. Ask for measurements and make.Some manufacturers can say their figures are a size but when put with other makes they look incompatible. One certain way is to stick to one manufacturer you like.

Tip 2-Weight- If you are a plastic model collector this may not be too much of a concern. On the other hand if you collect metal lead, white metal alloy figures, large collections that sometimes appear overseas may have massive postal costs involved in shipping them to your door. Beware the postal costs.

Tip 3- Condition-It is very difficult to see from one photograph the condition of soldiers. Sometimes requesting extra photos. and added information can assist. Lost bayonets,lances and other parts of the model are annoying and reduce value.Naturally these damaged parts are rarely featured.

Tip 4-Pirated- There are many manufacturers that produce toy/ model soldiers. Many are from England or USA. Sometimes (shock, horror) these models can be copied for whatever reason, usually cost. Be aware that these rip offs can vary widely in their quality. Excess flashing and imperfect moulding make a figure quite formless. Other copies are quite well formed and difficult to distinguish from the originals.

Like I have said in my introduction this is a start. There is much to learn. It is fun so ENJOY

                                                                                           John Reynolds


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