Trading Safely on E-Bay.

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After recently having my account attacked, I thought I should share with you "New E-Bayer's" things to look out for. Apparently, there are people out there, who design pages, which look exactly like an E-Bay sign in page, thing is, once you enter your username and password, the information is then sent to the "attacker". You may recieve this form of E-Mail through you Inbox, or you may recieve it as "spoof" or "junk e-mail" in your junk mail inbox. How to minimise the risk of this happening? a MUST, is to download the E-Bay toolbar, and you will need to enter your username and password when you install the E-Bay toolbar, this will alarm you if you are sending your E-Bay details to a site other than E-Bay itself. Another way you can protect yourself, is by looking in your Messages section under your E-Bay username, and if that same message isn't there, then chances are, someone is trying to obtain your details so they can have control of you account, they may then list illegal things, but you will get the blame for it, so by following these two easy steps, you stand a much better chance of keeping your account to yourself.
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