Trading on eBay Made easy (from an eBay addict!)

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So you want to know about Trading on eBay?
  • Selling is fun and easy if you follow these guidelines, anyone can do it!
  • Take a good look at your item, be honest in your description and be creative. Ebay supplies very good and easy HTML if you aren’t able to do your own. Ebay has a page especially for you to look at called “seller tools”
  • Put everything in your description that is relevant about your item, a one line description like “size 3 dress for sale” won’t get you many sales, describe your item fully such as condition, measurements, any faults and it’s good points.
  • Take a good photo, often several different photo’s are needed to show different angles of your item, ebay has a very easy to use picture service so don’t worry if you are unsure about HTML. The better and more accurate your photo’s and description, the more people will want to buy your item!
  • Research postage. Buyers like to know postage costs up front, visit your local post office for advise or visit Australia Posts web page.
  • Accept reasonable means of payment. Paypal is the easiest for both sellers and buyers, it’s instant and safe, can be used for all transactions both within Australia and internationally, Bank deposit is also a widely accepted payment form. Money orders within Australia are fine but if you have it as your only payment option buyers will be a bit put off because It costs them to buy a money order. Never accept or have payment methods such as Western Union and cash through the post is not really acceptable either considering there is so many safe ways to pay.
  • If you do not receive payment, or communication from your buyer after 7 days, you can use the dispute console to contact your buyer,  often there has just been a simple communication problem that is easily solved.
  • When your buyer has paid for the item make sure you get it in the post as soon as possible and keep your buyer updated on how the transaction is going, let them know when the item is posted and supply any express post or registered post numbers. Buyers appreciate this communication. You can use ebay’s own email service by clicking on “contact buyer” in your selling page
  • Make sure you package items appropriately, damage from a poorly packed item brings grief to both buyer and seller, take that extra few minutes to package things properly. For hints and tips on Postage visit
  • Remember, some items such as Adult only items, prohibited weapons and Nazi items are not permitted on ebay Australia, you can easily check if an item is prohibited or not, press “Help” at the top of your screen and search for the answer or email eBay’s friendly staff who are happy to assist you ( You can also go to the Community Help Boards (  and ask.
  • Leave your buyer feedback, reward them with good feedback for a good transaction.
  • Selling is FUN! Why give away items cluttering up your home when you could make some money? Maybe selling on eBay could be a new business venture for you.
  • Buy sensibly! Use your commonsense. You can’t purchase real estate in another country, sight unseen and then blame ebay when you end up with a shack in the Bronx! It is up to YOU the buyer to buy sensibly! You can check out ebay’s buying guide here:
  • Check your sellers feedback, feedback says a lot about a seller and how they run their business. A sellers feedback is a number in brackets next to their username. Read all about our feedback system here:
  • Check your sellers accepted payment methods, never buy from a seller who only accepts western union payments, look for SAFE payments such as PayPal.
  • Look for the postage and handling costs associated with an item, if the seller doesn’t have the P & H listed then ask them for a firm quote, sellers are happy to give you a quote for your  parcel to be posted to your address. If your postage and handling is listed, or you are given a quote, then you accept those terms If you decide to purchase. Don’t complain after the auction if you think you paid too much postage if you agreed to pay those costs. The great thing about ebay is that there is always a choice, if you don’t like a sellers terms or postage – simply move on, something similar will be listed again. Postage is often a sore point, but please remember that postage is not just a few stamps, postage – especially delicate item’s – require packaging material such as bubble wrap, bags, envelopes, tape and time to get your item to you safely.
  • Look at the country you are buying from. You cannot plead ignorance after the auction ends, it’s unfair on buyers and sellers alike if you don’t bother to read an auction through thoroughly.
  • Pay for your auction items in a timely manner and adhere to ebay’s and your sellers terms of auction, if you don’t you may receive an unpaid item strike.
  • Allow sufficient time for postage, postage can take up to 2 weeks throughout Australia alone and your seller has no control over the postal service. If you are needing your item in a hurry ask for Express post!
  • If your item arrives and you are not happy, email your seller and discuss things in a calm and rational manner, a hasty negative feedback will get you nowhere and will in most cases end any further negotiation.
  • Use the dispute console – the link is located in your “my Ebay” for matters of concern. Trade like a professional and you will find that people are basically good.
  • Buying is FUN, shopping on eBay is one of the best ways to purchase items from around the world, remember; If YOU want it, somebody’s got it – on Ebay!
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Get to know your ebay community!!
  • Ebay is a wonderful community with true community spirit, you can ask questions or just have an informal chat with other members, this link will take you to our ebay community boards!
Want to buy international?
Ebay Stores!
  • You can create your very own online ebay store, your store can reflect your personality and is easy for buyers to browse and buy from. An ebay store is very economical with very low listing fee’s. Read all about ebay stores here:  
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