Train Like a Pro Athlete Essential Workout Equipment to Improve Your Fitness

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Train Like a Pro Athlete Essential Workout Equipment to Improve Your Fitness

From local rugby and cricket matches to international competitions, like the Olympics and Ironman, watching professional athletes sprint across the track or field inspires spectators to get off the couch and exercise. In order to keep their bodies in the best shape possible, professional athletes train with equipment and exercises designed to stretch and strengthen their muscles. Those who want to improve their fitness levels and train like pro athletes need access to similar equipment.


Cardio equipment

Cardiovascular exercise is an important component of any fitness regimen. It boosts the heart rate, improves breathing, and burns calories that lead to fat loss. Professional athletes choose cardio activities that boost their performance in their primary sports, and popular forms of cardio training include skipping rope, running, sprinting, and interval training. These activities require a few basic pieces of equipment, like a skipping rope and properly fitting shoes, as well as some space to work out.

Shoes for cardiovascular exercise

The State Government of Victoria recommends wearing footwear designed for cardio training to prevent injuries and improve performance. Professional athletes follow this advice and choose shoes designed for their favourite cardio activities and rotate them to extend their lifespans. Running shoes have thick heel cushions to accommodate the force placed on joints. Cross-trainer shoes offer lateral support for side-to-side movements that occur during aerobic dance and interval training. Walking shoes are more flexible than running shoes and have less support.


Recovery equipment

Muscles need time to recover from intense workout sessions, and although many professional athletes use the services of athletic trainers and massage therapists to manually manipulate their muscles, they also employ tools to release knots within their muscles and reduce myofascial tension. Foam rollers remain popular myofascial release tools with athletes who roll their bodies across the foam, using gravity to apply pressure. They also position their limbs over tennis balls or baseballs to target specific problem areas within the muscles.


Skill training and recovery equipment

Professional athletes use skill training and recovery to prevent injuries and increase the flexibility and athleticism they need for optimum performance. Plyometric exercises incorporate explosive jumping movements that stretch the muscles and give them more power. Jump boxes in an assortment of heights provide an excellent platform for practising these jumps. To use these boxes made from wood or metal, athletes jump to the top of the box and step or jump back to the ground.


Strength training equipment

Strength training is a key component of every professional athlete's fitness routine because muscle strength directly affects the body's performance. Even martial arts professionals, runners, and professional triathlon competitors use strength training to build muscles throughout their bodies. Compound movements, like power cleans, squats, and overhead presses that incorporate multiple joints, are popular with professional athletes since they build more muscle than isolated exercises.


Professional athletes prefer working out with free weights instead of the machines found in gyms. With free weights, they have more control and do not force their muscles and joints to conform to the machines' restrictive movements. People who want to follow this lead and work out with free weights need to invest in a basic weightlifting bench, set of free weights with safety clips, and a weight bar. This gives them everything they need to perform basic moves, like bench presses, squats, and deadlifts. A set of dumbbells provides even more exercise options including bicep curls, triceps extensions, and shoulder presses.


Kettlebell training harkens back to the early days of strength training. It remains popular with professional athletes because it gives them plenty of options for muscle groups and isolated strength training. Grasping the handles at the top of the iron balls, athletes swing and press the kettlebells to perform a variety of exercises. They require little storage space, making them ideal for apartment dwellers, and provide strength training as well as high-intensity cardio activity.


How to buy workout equipment on eBay

When you want to take your fitness routine to the next level and train like a professional athlete, you can find the equipment you need on eBay. To find these items, enter descriptive terms, like the type of equipment or manufacturer's name in the search box. As you browse the listings, pay attention to details like the item's condition, size, and features so you find equipment that fits your fitness goals and space restrictions. With the right fitness equipment, you can train your body to be a performance machine.

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