Transformational Power of Gemstone World Globes

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The World Is Your Key to Power

Try this exercise the next time you are feeling overwhelmed or overrun with life problems, dilemmas or emotions.
Close your eyes and begin by focusing your attention on your breath. Breathe in and out... on each exhale say to yourself, "Relaxing Now.. relaxing now... relaxing now." - x 10.
Go deeper and focus internally paying attention to your thoughts and feelings... rather than experiencing them, focus on them as a witness to your experience... Just allow them to pass you by as easily and effortlessly as the clouds rolling across the crystal blue sky on a warm summer’s day.
Now, settle down and focus on the problem that you are dealing with at this moment... as you do this begin to float up above your body... See yourself and your problem right beneath you now from a completely detached perspective... As you observe you continue to float up higher and higher... you see the building or home you are currently in... your street... your suburb... your city... your country... and now you float up above the world seeing it in all its glory. Get a sense for the exhilaration that you are feeling at this moment looking down upon the earth from a God's perspective... How calm and peaceful does everything seem now that you are removed from your problems? How much power do you feel rushing through you at this very moment?
Now get a sense for all the problems that you are facing on this calm and serene planet of yours. Ask yourself the following questions:
"Taking everything into consideration, how insignificant do my problems look and feel from this higher perspective?"

"What is most important to me and what do I cherish the most in life as I look down upon this Earth?"

"What possible solutions come to mind as I look upon my problems from up here? What do I see that I may have missed before?"

"Whom can I turn to who could help me resolve this in the best possible way?"
We must come to an understanding that the Earth is a source of incredible energy and power... Float down a closer distance along the Earth so that you begin seeing physical objects such as mountains, villages, trees, animals, etc... Within one or more of these objects lies the answer to your problems... continue searching till you come across something that peaks your curiosity and draws you in... this could be absolutely anything that may not seem related to your current life problems... float down next to this object and begin studying it from all angles... ask yourself...
"What does this mean?"

"How does this relate to my problems?"

"What potential solutions does this bring to light?"

"What is the metaphor here and how does it offer a solution to my problem?"
Keep asking questions... if you don't get immediate answers, don't despair, the answers will come when you are patient... When ready, float back above the earth and over your city... assimilate your learnings and take stock of the new resources that you have now acquired... Slowly begin your descent back into your body... as you arrive thank Mother Earth for the answers and solutions she has given you and know that you can turn to her at any time... she will be there for you... always... for she is the symbol of eternal strength, life and vitality... Now, begin to take immediate action to bring your problems to a resolution...
I personally have a World Globe sitting on the front of my desk in the office and at home, it is there to remind me that even though I can't always control the circumstances that the world brings forth into my life, I can however control my own emotions, actions, decisions and reactions, and that gives me the power and confidence I need to get me through my day.

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