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Traveling with your children can be very tricky.  Going on a cruise adds to the things you need to think about.  This guide will give you a list of things to think about before you reserve your cruise and packing for your trip!

Which Cruise Lines Should I Use or Avoid?

There are a number of cruise lines out there and some cater more to the younger crowd and others focus on the older crowd. 

  • If you have kids, the cruise employees I talked to recommended Carnival and Disney. 
  • Lines to avoid include Holland America (as they cater to the 70 and over crowd). 
  • Celebrity also caters high end service and is more expensive than other cruise lines and thus may reduce the number of young people who may have more limited budgets.

Packing Tips: Things to bring

Since you will be on a ship and can't run out to the store, check if the cruise will supply these items for you and if not, bring plenty yourself!

  1. Diapers and SWIM diapers!
  2. Wipes
  3. Dramamine for adults and more importantly: children
  4. Binoculars
  5. Small fan to create white noise in the room to make your kids sleep better.
  6. If you have other suggestions from your experiences and want me to add them to this list, just email me by clicking on my user name WORLDFOTOS

Does cruise length matter?

Yes!  Length of your cruise matters when considering the amount of young people with children that will be on your cruise.  3 to 5 day cruises have highest amounts of young people and 7-10 day cruises also have lots of young people if they coincide with school holidays.  So summertime as well as around Christmas holidays will increase the young crowd.

We went on a 14 day cruise and it was all old people, as most families with kids don't take 2 weeks of vacataion at a time.  Never again!

Things to ask before you cruise

We would have had a much better experience had we asked the following questions:

  1. Are babies in swim diapers allowed in the pool?  We found out on our cruise that babies were not allowed in the pool! :(  There was no mention of this in any of the cruise literature, website and none of the reservations agents mentioned this.  VERY BAD! What else are you supposed to do on a cruise with kids if you aren't going to go in the pool all day, every day?
  2. If there are play areas for kids and infants, are they separated by age group or together?
  3. If there are two dinner seatings (early / late) ask for the early seating as the late seating may be after your child's bed time!
  4. Are there baby sitting services on the cruise? What fees / advanced notice are required to reserve baby sitting?  Are the services in room or at a centralized location?

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