Travel Water Filter - Safe Drinking Water For Travel

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As experienced travellers know, there is lots to worry about when venturing off the beaten track. Finding safe, quality resources of basic necessities is often challenging. One of the most challenging difficulties for travelers to overcome is having a steady supply of safe drinking water.. Often people have the idea that travelling to exotic places means putting up with polluted water streams, unsafe tap water and more. However the reality is that even in some of the most pristine locations, finding safe, clean drinking water is challenging. Travelers have to then become reliant on bottled water. So what should a traveler do to overcome this problem ? There are several ways that travelers can help to protect themselves from drinking contaminated or unsafe water: 1) Boil your drinking water- This is a tried and tested method of making sure your water is safe to drink. Boiling water kills harmful and deadly microorganisms and quickly. In the time that it takes for the water to reach a boil, all potentially hazardous microorganisms are killed. However the drawback with this method is the time it takes to boil the water and let it cool down. Not to mention that you need to have access to the equipment necessary to boil the water. All of this can be a bit much of an ask if you are backpacking or in remote areas! 2) Drinking bottled water- Purchasing bottled water from a safe source is easy and usually means the water has not been tampered with. However, it is best to avoid re-filling bottles when traveling, since re-use can increase your chances of becoming exposed to water that has not been properly filtered. There is also the risk that the water in the bottles has been properly taken care of during transport etc. Bottled water can easily breed bacteria if left in the sun for too long or allowed to heat up and cool down continually. 3) Chemical treatments- There are a multitude of chemical solutions that are available on the market now that can be used to treat water. Usually the main active ingredient is iodine. The main benefit of iodine is its effectiveness in removing bacteria and other harmful elements from your water. However the drawback with this is that many people find the taste quite unpleasant. Also there are doubts about the safety of pregnant women and children consuming such chemicals. 4) Water Purifiers - Traditionally, water purifiers that were portable were cumbersome to carry around and expensive to purchase. However there have been recent developments in this area that have made life much easier for travelers ! Water Filter Straws such as the AquaSafeStraw filter out up to 99.9999% of harmful bacteria, use no chemicals and are small enough to fit in a handbag or day pack! They are light, simple and easy to use, making it a very attractive option for travelers concerned about safe drinking water. They are also extremely environmentally friendly and have a far smaller carbon footprint and environmental impact than their bottled water competition! So if you or someone you know is planning on venturing off the beaten track, or just going to Bali for the weekend - try a water filter straw. They make the perfect 'bon voyage' gift to intrepid travellers or pregnant mums planning on a holiday overseas.
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