Travel tips for keeping your toddler happy

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So you've just booked your holiday to that dreamed of destination and have bought your chic new swimming costume to wear.

BUT.... you're dreading that long car ride or plane ride with your cute but not-so-easily entertained toddler. What can you do to prepare yourself and your toddler for that long trip, to keep you both happy?

1. Consider buying one of those trays which your child can use on their lap when doing activities.

2. Pack lots of snacks and water. Some snack ideas include: fruit, vegetable sticks, muffins, crackers, muesli bars, sandwiches (you could cut them into cute shapes), cheese, sultanas, dried fruit. Remember to keep them in a cooler bag to keep them fresh.

3. Consider making a bag of treasures for your child- this could include a few small gifts wrapped and ready to be unwrapped by you child if they are well behaved. You could go to your local $1 shop to get some gifts. Your child will get excited by the prospect of opening their treasures!

3. Make a busy book. Some ideas include making a lace-up page (cut out a shape, a heart for example), wrap it with clear contact. Hole-punch holes around the shape and tie a shoelace through two holes and knot together. Get your toddler to practise weaving the lace in and out of the holes. Another idea is to have a matching page- stick some pictures on a piece of paper and have two sets of the same picutres. Get your child to stick the same pictures next to each other. You could use velcro tape for your child to stick the pictures on so the game can be played again and again. Buy a cheap plastic buckle from the $1 shop. Staple the buckle onto a felt page and get your child to practise putting the buckle together.

4. Pack your childs favourite books and some paper and pencils for drawing.

5. Your child may already be a bit tech-savvy! If so, a portable DVD player is always great, as is a headset and CD player so they can listen to their favourite nursery rhymes!

Travelling with a toddler can be so much fun, and by planning ahead it makes your trip that much more enjoyable.


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