Triumph Grab Rail Buying Guide

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Triumph Grab Rail Buying Guide

Grab rails give motorcycle passengers something to hold onto other than the rider on the front of the bike. Grab rails come in a number of different styles and finishes to suit the motorcycle's appearance and the motorcycle owner's preferences. Buyers looking to purchase a grab rail for their Triumph can choose from loops that circle the rear seat of the bike or hoops that rise partially above the back of the seat level. Manufacturers frequently produce grab rails with chrome-plated finish, but other colour options are available. By knowing the functions, types, and styles of guard rails, motorcycle owners can make shopping for a Triumph grab rail a pleasant experience.

The Function of a Grab Rail

In addition to giving second riders something to hold onto other than the person driving the bike, grab rails provide an element of safety to motorcycle riders. Clasping a grab rail is sturdier than hanging onto a part of the motorcycle's body because grab rails attach directly to the frame of the bike. Grab rails that rise above the level of the seat can help prevent the rear rider from slipping off the back of the seat when the motorcycle accelerates. Some grab rails incorporate a rear back rest or high rise safety bar as a part of the grab rail design.

Triumph Grab Rail Fitting

Depending on the Triumph motorcycle, it may be necessary to remove additional parts or components to access the fitting points for the grab rail unit. Removal of the motorcycle seat, the rear lighting unit, wiring components, and mud guards might be required. Before removing wiring connectors, it is advisable to disconnect the battery cables to prevent an accidental electrical short. Bike owners may need to use spacers to properly fit the grab rail to the frame assembly of the motorcycle. They should make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions when fitting the grab rail to the bike and always torque bolts to the proper specifications to ensure the secure and safe fit of the grab rail.

OEM vs. Aftermarket Grab Rails

Buyers have the option of choosing grab rails the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) produces or grab rails from aftermarket suppliers. Bike owners can install Triumph OEM grab rails on various Triumph models. Aftermarket grab rails may require some modifications to install properly on a Triumph. Aftermarket parts are generally less expensive than OEM parts; however, aftermarket parts often do not follow the same standards that OEM suppliers must follow. This does not mean the parts are any less safe, but part longevity may be different for aftermarket when compared to OEM quality.

Triumph Grab Rail Styles

Grab rails for Triumph motorcycles come in several different styles to provide the look and functionality the bike owner is looking for. Selecting the design of the grab rail is a personal preference that also includes the colour or finish of the grab rail. Chrome grab rails are generally very popular.

Straight Loop

The straight loop grab rail design provides a simple loop at the rear of the motorcycle seat that protrudes straight out from the seat. The loop is strictly for providing a hand hold. It does not offer a slide-off, sissy-bar-type, raised bar.

Raised Loop

With a raised loop design, the grab bar has a loop that generally comes just above the level of the seat. This loop is the result of the grab rail making a 90 degree upturn on the end or of a second bar that joins the straight loop to offer the raised portion. The name of this design is pillion grab rail.

Grab Rail and Carrier Rack Combination

When buying a combination of grab rail and carrier rack, bike owners get a grab rail that extends over the rear portion of the bike and a rack for carrying a small bag. Bikers can strap various items like backpacks, computer bags, or briefcases to the carrier rack with abungee cord or tie down strap.

Grab Rail and Sissy Bar Combination

Sissy bars or passenger seat backrests provide a support for the motorcycle passenger to lean back against. It is more relaxing to ride this way, and the sissy bar provides a level of safety by preventing the passenger from accidentally sliding off the back of the seat. The grab rail and sissy bar combination can be simple metal bars, bars with padded cushions, or elaborate chair type assemblies.

Popular Brands of Grab Rails

There are several aftermarket suppliers of motorcycle grab rails. Triumph owners can purchase grab rails and accessories from Triumph dealers or aftermarket sellers. The chart below lists some popular brands of grab rails for Triumph cycles, along with a brief description of the parts available.


Parts Available


Grab rail and sissy bar grab rails

Sport racks and carriers

Other motorcycle accessories

British Customs

Basic grab rail designs

Large selection of Triumph accessories

In addition, several generic manufacturers make grab rails that fit a range of different motorcycle models, which may include Triumph. Renntec and British Customs make grab rails specifically for Triumph bikes.

Buying Triumph Grab Rails on eBay

Buyers in the market for Triumph motorcycle grab rails can shop for the parts on eBay. Buying bike accessories, or any other product, on eBay is straightforward. Type any relevant keywords into the search bar, choose the grab rails you want to buy, and read the item description. Shopping on eBay allows you to select from a wide range of Triumph accessories, purchase the items you want, and receive them directly to your door. You might also want to check the eBay Deals section, to find the best prices of the day for motorbike accessories, which may include Triumph grab rails.

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