Triumph Trophy Pannier Mount Buying Guide

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Triumph Trophy Pannier Mount Buying Guide

For decades, Triumph has produced popular motorcycles, motorcycle parts, and accessories that enhance the riding experience. One of the lower profile accessories was part of the Triumph Trophy line of motorbikes. Called a "pannier", the motorcycle bag allows riders to store clothing and electronic devices during intermediate or long distance trips.

The pannier complements the solid metal units found on most Trophy bikes. To prevent the pannier from clipping the bike, riders need to find a mount that provides enough stability to withstand long distance rides. Before shopping, buyers should understand how the pannier mounts, and should then review several factors that ensure buyer satisfaction.

Pannier Overview

Triumph constructs the Trophy pannier bag in several different shapes, sizes, and designs that blend with the unique features of the Trophy motorbike. The bags provide riders with convenient, easy-to-access storage for motorcycle gear and accessories. Riders can find bags suitable for commuting to work or for weekend trips to the mountain cabin. Small pannier bags store necessities such asgoggles, sunglasses, digital cameras, and toll money.

Another feature that Triumph offers on the pannier bag is a clear plastic top that allows riders to store maps and travel directions. Although pannier bags provided riders with many important benefits, the bags sometimes scratched the paint and metal. To mitigate bike damage, Triumph developed a line of pannier mounts.

What to Look for in a Pannier Mount

The first factor that most consumers think of when it comes to purchasing a pannier is durability. Although durability plays a role in determining which mount to buy, consumers should also consider a few other factors. For one thing, buyers should make certain they not only buy the right mount for the pannier, but also the right pannier for their motorcycle.


The mount provides enough space between the pannier and the bike surface to prevent scratches and dents. The question is how much extension do riders need for a pannier mount. The answer to the question depends on where riders plan to mount the pannier bag. Riders who intend to place the bag over the back storage kits only need the mount to secure the bag; hence, they do not require much mount extension. However, pannier bags that hang by the gas tank require longer extensions. On the company website, Triumph provides a guide that matches mount extensions to bag sizes and shapes. In general, Trophy pannier bags should be isolated from the Trophy's movement to prevent the bags from rubbing against the finish of the bike and causing damage


Motorbikes must often contend with harsh weather conditions, and face the threats of hail, rain, ice, sleet, and wind damage. The pannier mount must not only withstand harsh weather elements, but must also prevent the pannier from swaying alongside the bike. Triumph recommends that buyers consider the company's coated steel pannier mount, which includes rubber damped mounting brackets. The materials used to construct the mount resist water damage and prevent the mounts from cracking.

New vs. Used

Triumph Trophy pannier mounts have been out long enough for the part to be available in the used marketplace. Buying a used mount saves consumers money, but does not provide the same level of quality that new mounts provide. New part mounts are unquestionably more durable and offer better protection against harsh weather than do used mounts. However, diligent buyers can often find sellers who offer like-new pannier mounts that were removed from their packaging but never used. This happens for many reasons. The seller may have changed his or her mind, or may have bought the wrong sized item. In any case, buyers can receive generous discounts on a mount that, for all intents and purposes, is brand new.


Mounts secure pannier bags to ensure stability and prevent the bags from swaying from side to side. In most cases where the mounts do not properly secure the Trophy pannier bags, the reason is that the buyer bought the wrong size mounts. Either the attachments are too short to secure the bag, or they are so large that the bags bounce around on the side of the bike. Triumph provides several ways for buyers to make certain their pannier bags are stable. Read the instructions on the side of the mount package, which includes a list of recommended pannier bags for the mount. Triumph also posts on its website lists of matching mounts and pannier bags.

Factors to Consider



Mount should provide space to prevent scratching


Coated steel mount is a good choice

Includes rubber damped mounting brackets

Rust resistance

New vs. Used

Used mounts are less expensive

New mounts are more durable


Mounts should prevent bags from swaying side to side

Usually caused by wrong sized mounts

Matching mounts listed on Triumph website

The table above lists several factors to consider, and describes what to look for when buying Triumph pannier mounts. This list is not exhaustive, however.

Buying Triumph Trophy Pannier Mounts on eBay

eBay offers buyers the quickest, most convenient way to find and purchase motorbike parts. You can search for Trophy pannier mounts by entering appropriate keywords into the search box found on every eBay page. Your goal is generate a narrowly focused search that returns only those items that meet your needs. Thus, enter detailed descriptions for the best results. You can narrow your search by filtering by price, item condition, and seller location. In other words, you can return only motorcycle accessory listings by sellers who live in Australia.

Once you find an item you like,, review the information that eBay collects on each seller's product page. Many sellers post enlarged pannier mount photographs that should give you an idea of the part's condition. They should also post an enlarged view that lets you confirm the number of brackets and screws used to attach the brackets to the mount. If this is not the case, be sure to ask.

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