Troubleshoot Tips To Combat Leaking Dishwashers

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Is your dishwasher leaking and you don’t know what to do? Fixing dishwasher leaks may seem a daunting job to many. However, many times the leaks are due to very simple reasons that can be fixed in a jiffy. Why call an engineer and spend money unnecessarily, when you can solve the problem yourself? Check for the following when you try to pinpoint the location of the leak:

1. Is the dishwasher level with the floor?: Check if the dishwasher’s legs are level with the floor. Make adjustments if that’s not the case.
2. Is the door’s gasket intact?: Dishwasher leaking due to gaskets is a common enough occurrence. Though it is supposed to prevent water leakage, wear and tear can cause gaskets to shrink or develop cracks. You’ll have to change the gasket.
3. Does the dishwasher door fit correctly in the seal?: If the door does not align with the gasket, the gap might be sufficient to set your dishwasher leaking.
4. Is the latch on the door tight enough?: Unscrew the latch and re-tighten it. Check if retightening curbs dishwasher leaking.
5. Have the dishwasher’s spray arms developed cracks?: The plastic spray arms tend to split due to pressure and usage overtime. This split along the seams sprays water on to the door, thus causing dishwasher leaking. You’ll have to change the arms.
6. Has the drain hose developed cracks?: Check the drain hose for cracks. Also check the hose clamps to ensure that the hose is tightly held.

These quick troubleshooting pointers can help locate the cause as to why is your dishwasher leaking. Once identified, the solution is simple enough!

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