True Value Pianos in Australia

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I need to buy a Great VALUE Piano?

i'm sure you will get a lot of opinions to that question?  and a lot of that is based on 30 or 40 year old information if you want up to date info there is a lot more to consider?  
BRAND, Kawai, Beale, Bernstein Hailun, Schimmel Vogel, Petrof, Roland, Casio are the leading great VALUE Piano makers currently. 
TONE is the thing that keeps calling you back to PLAY more.
FEEL is the other thing that keeps you  playing with passion.
QUALITY is what counts so you can be sure you have made a great investment 
NEW or Used what is the best way to go? remember please PIANOS DO NOT GET BETTER WITH AGE 
PRICE and also remember this, what someone what's to sell you CHEEP for the BEST PRICE IS NOT  always BEST VALUE as we all know something will be left out !
the correct instrument to suit your personal requirements is the right PIANO for you if you would like to discuss your requirements please contact the trusted Professional Piano advisers who have been helping Teachers and Students as well as Musical Families since 1982 
Carlingford Music Centre
Surporting the AUSTRALIAN Piano & Musical Instrument Community since 1982
Ph 02 9873 2333 
pianos at carlingfordmusic dot com dot au

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come in to try some of the best Pianos in Sydney since 1982
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