Trust Me, I Can Spell : Selling more with words on eBay

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Trust Me, I Can Spell : A Guide to Selling More with Words on eBay Australia

The key to selling on eBay Australia is to build trust with your customer. For people shopping on eBay Australia, trust comes in three forms: Images, Words and Customer Service. Because your potential customer cannot see or interact with you face-to-face, they must base their purchasing decisions on the information you present to them. This guide will help you to sell more by improving the way you approach word usage on eBay Australia.

Say What You Mean

eBay Australia sells a huge number of items each day. The likelihood of selling an auction item on eBay Australia is largely dependent on it being found. Potential customers will either use a search or click down through categories to find your item. eBay searches are based upon the title description and, if selected by the customer, the content of your listing. For this reason an accurate, meaningful title, is extremely important. A person searching for a  football boot will find a different set of listings to a person looking for a  soccer shoe . For this reason alone, you must ensure the correct spelling and meaning of your listing is present in the title. Many sellers insist on using CAPITALIZED TEXT or incorpoating $$@@ ANNoying EmPhAsIs @@$$ when writing their item title. There is little evidence available to suggest this increases sales. In actuality, this approach is so commonplace that it probably only acts to reduce title clarity and scare potential customers.

Content Subtitles

Always break your listing into sections. This makes it easier for potential customers to quickly find the detail for which they are looking. All listings should at a bare minimum contain the following subtitles within the content section:

  • Item Title
  • Item Description
  • Available Payment Type(s)
  • Returns Policy
To this list you may also like to consider adding shipping, postage, contact and conditions of sale details. If you write and present like a professional store outfit, customers will treat you as such.


Most listings will incorporate images of some kind. Always describe your images. It is not neccessarily clear to the buyer what an image contains. Descriptions provide additional clarity in this regard.

Check Your Spelling

The best writing is re-writing. Be sure to check your spelling and grammar. The easiest way to confuse a potential buyer is to generate a description that is unclear and imprecise.

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