Tupperware Fridgesmarts

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Tired of wasting food - only bought your mushrooms yesterday and already they are ready for the compost heap??

Well, its time you use :


Fridgesmarts are the greatest invention Tupperware has EVER made

Tupperware has been keeping your food fresh for more than 50 years. Did you know that all Fruits and Vegetables require different amounts of air?

Knowing this, how would you normally control how your fruit and vegies breathe?

You only have one fridge and cannot change the settings to accommodate ALL the different foods !

Tupperware have designed ACE  in a variety of different sized containers with little "air vents" in them that can be adjusted to suit the different "breathers"

Now with FridgeSmart, you can keep your fruits and vegetables fresher much longer !

What is ACE?
Tupperware's ACE (Atmosphere Control Environment) system creates the environment that fruits and vegetables need to stay fresher longer.

Like humans, fruits and vegetables breathe - some more than others.

Heavy breathers need more air, light breathers need less. ACE allows you to control the amount of air in the container.

As a result, your fruits and vegetables stay fresher longer. For example, broccoli can stay fresh up to twice as long.
How do you control the amount of air?

Heavy Breathers = Hight = Both vents open

Moderate Breathers = Medium = One vent open

Light Breathers = Low = Both vents closed

Plus Tupperware even supplies you with a Fridge Magnet to inform you how each Vegetable breathes - this way you can have more than one vegetable or fruit per container - mix and match depending on their breathing requirements!!

I personally have taken the vegetable crisper section out of my fridge and replaced it with varying sizes of Fridgesmarts.

We NEVER have wasted food anymore

Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Apples, Cucumber all breathe the same, so can go into the one container - and they all last for WEEKS !

I could go on and on about Fridgesmarts, but instead, why don't you try them and let me know what you think!


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