Tupperware - RRP and warranty and postage issues

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There are three main issues buyers need to be aware of: selling for more than RRP, warranties on overseas items and postage.


Tupperware prides itself on its lifetime warranty on most items.  However, overseas Tupperware is often not covered by Tupperware Australia's lifetime warranty.  So if you buy overseas Tupperware, be certain it will be covered by warranty.  Check where your seller is sending it from - Australia or overseas... 

Selling for more than RRP

Another issue is selling current catalogue items in excess of Recommended Retail Price (whether by Auction, Buy It Now or Store Inventory format).   Whilst you might not want to go to a party or may not be able to, it just doesn't make sense to pay more than RRP for items on ebay.  


Whilst you will pay to have items posted to you, and some would argue that you don't have to pay postage if you buy at a party - the cost of postage sometimes can be around the same cost of you driving to attend a party once you take into account fuel prices, running costs etc - just make sure that your seller isn't trying to make a profit on postage!!   Sure, items can be damaged in transit, but that applies to all purchases you make on ebay so the key is to make sure your seller is packing items securely or has a pick up option.  Generally, if you are purchasing multiple items, a box is more secure than a post bag but a postbag with packaging material (such as shredded recyled paper - which is environmentally friendly too :-)  ) can be secure too.  A tip is to check the seller's feedback rating - what have past buyers said about how items were packaged?

Above all, let's make sure that sellers are being honest about their prices, warranty and postage costs. 

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