Tupperware Tupperchef Silicon forms on EBAY

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Tupperware Tupperchef Silicon forms on EBAY

Tupperware Tupperchef Silicon forms are a wonderful innovative product for baking. They will replace your exciting bakeware and have so many different uses. They come in lots of different shapes, they are:-

  • Tupperchef loaf form - this is great for baking breads and banana cake, meatloaf, jelly or even a layered chocolate cake. 1.5 litre
  • Tupperchef Flan Form - Any different kind of pie, or lemon tart. 1.7litre
  • Tupperchef Large Muffin form - for making large muffins or cup cakes. Makes 4
  • Tupperchef Muffin Form - muffins or cupcakes, jelly shots. Makes 7
  • Tupperchef Slice Form - Great for making gingerbread, slices, cakes and even lasagna!
  • Tupperchef mini Kugelkopf - Great for making any type of cake or jellies.
  • Tupperchef Kugelhopf - Great for making larger cakes in microwave or in oven.
  • Tupperchef Baking Sheet - Fantastic for baking cookies, or anything you would usually use a standard oven tray for. Just place on top of a tray and things cook beautifully.
  • Tupperchef Tarlet form- come with a unique cutter that allows you to cut the pastry the right size for the base and the lid. Great for meat pies, lemon tarts and any kind of pies and tarts.

There are aslo other special forms that you can get both here in Australia and also in America that are really great these include

  • Tupperchef Christmas tree form - this is really great and perfect for making Christmas cakes.
  • Tupperchef Snowman form - an alternative to the christmas tree form this is so cute/
  • Tupperchef flower muffin form - this one is only available in the USA and is hard to get, it is really gorgeous though and has 3 different types of flowers with 2 of each.

There are also others available that are rare.

They are so great to use as thay are:-

  • Non stick, even things like nachos just slide right off.
  • Easy to clean, a rinse under water is usually all they will need.
  • A healthy choice as they eliminate the need to use cooking oil, as all you need to do is rinse it with water prior to using it and then shake off the water - EASY!
  • The are incredibly east to store when not in use and the can be scrunched up and folded up rolled up and will always retain their shape. This means you can cut down on storage space and get rid of some of those old trays and cake tins that take up so much space!

The most amazing thing about them is that they can go in the conventional oven up to 220 degrees and also in the freezer to minus 25 degrees. They can also go in the microwave and will cook foods beautifully in there too! This make them so incredibly versatile. You can use them to cook  a roast or cakes, or nachos or make icream cakes. If you make your own ice cream you can freeze into different shapes, like a christmas tree for Christmas!

They are really wonderful products - so buy some on EBAY today!


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