Tv Shows On DVD Australia - Friendly OR Fraud

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Dear Reader, 

On the 11th of November I purchased from The above seller Season Nine of Frasier on DVD. I then after sellers quick communication purchased the following season. I paid for it on the 12th. The item came damaged and over a fortnight too late. I withdrew from the purchase of Season Ten. Seller did not like it. They saw fit to strike my account for not paying. To which eBay removed due to email evidence that the seller was abusive and contradicted themselves with each separate email. I only recieved three emails through eBay itself all others came to my personal email. I opened a dispute against the seller to which they contradicted all emails from outside of eBay and tried to persuade us that it was not from the seller. Their email address confirmed they dropped the issue.    Today we reported them to eBay and closed the dispute. I left negative feedback to which the seller retaliated. Unfortunately they could not think of their own reason to leave feeback against me and took my comment as their own.    This guide was written in aid to describe the negative feedback and guide others. DO NOT buy from them. If you do send ALL emails through eBay and use caution on their descriptions. As they deceive and ALWAYS turn it back on the buyer. Mine is not the only example as previous feedback from other members include:    childsafed2nw duffa1 wtp2253  spydaddy123 freddiebeer benc949.         Today, the saga continues I recieved a follow up feedback saying that we emailed every day and were abusive and harrasing the seller. So i decided how about show one of their emails?         Our email: (28/11) 'Dear Antony,  After the treatment of postage and confusion it seems in the best interest if we forget the dvd as we do not wish to be placed in the same situation again. Please remove the purchase as we will not be paying for the item. Season nine only arrived today 13 business days after payment. I wish to resolve this problem but will report it to eBay if you see fit to continue to request payment. We are more than willing to leave feedback for you about the service based on the prevous item. Beau6398'        Their reply: 'We do not appreciate being threatened with negative feedback and are more than willing to forward your correspondence to ebay if the second transaction you committed to is not completed within the required timeframe - this will almost certainly result in your suspension from ebay altogether. Sarah'.    They could not reply to emails regarding the postage of the item but when we first stated we would not be buying the other item they emailed on the three times that very day. They could not explain about the postage during the dispute and chose to stop replying but managed to reply to negative feeback within hours. From scanning their recent feedback it appears that more people have joined the list of those unsatified with their service and TV shows reply - turn it back on the buyer.

Sincerely, beau 6398

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