Types of Body Wrap Services

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A Body Wrap is filled with endless possibilities. Using natural and centuries-old ingredients, these popular Spa treatments offer a wide variety of formulas and processes to help you get the body you desire.

Where to begin? Body Wrap processes and services vary as much as its organic ingredients. There are different types of Body Wraps in the industry that can give you a contoured body.  While some treatments require more time or money, others may require a different kind of body wrap bandage or equipment.

How to decide? With all the kinds of Body Wrap treatments and services available to you, it is best to make the most informed decision to maximize time and more importantly, attain your foreseen results.

                                                          To help you understand your options, 
                             here is a list of the Types of Body Wrap Services and what they can offer:

A Body Wrap using Formula and Body Wrap Bandages allow for a basic Body Wrap experience, most especially for target areas.
 By concentrating on the best formula and high quality bandages, you are ensuring nothing but positive results for your body wrap.

By using suited Formula and Bandages, you can easily wrap and create an insulation for the Formula ingredients to work its magic. Through these elastic bandages, you body is able to naturally circulate heat an
d promote absorption of the Body Wrap formula while also removing toxins in the simplest way.

Things to consider:
When applying a simple blend and wrap, you have to consider all options out there. For Body Wrap Bandages, it is imperative to get the best elastic bandages available. The higher quality of your Body Wrap Bandages, the easier your Body Wrap application and the better the durability. You also have another option of Plastic Body Wraps (just like your regular food or Saran wrap) which  are easy to apply and dispose but don’t give your skin room to breathe as much as elastic wraps do.

Sometimes the task of simply finding the best formula for your skin can be challenging. When it comes to the best formulas, trial and research and finding the best ingredients can determine the success of your chosen blend. Once you find the best formula and bandage pairing for your treatments, body wrapping can be a breeze.

Product and Services Price Range:
Because of its availability and versatility for both Salon and Home Wraps, prices for a Formula and Bandage Wraps are quite competitive. All prices depend on the supplier but compared to buying in bulk or kits, Body Wrap Formulas and Bandages may cost more as separate purchases. Formulas may cost around twenty dollars at least and bandages can range from fifteen dollars depending on the quantity and quality.

A Special Type of Basic Body Wrap
It Works! - A famous brand that offers a variety of packages for Skin Care and Fitness. One of their products is the Ultimate Body Applicator which is a cloth wrap infused with herbal ingredients to result in firming, tightening, and toning. It is worn as a leave-on belt for a 45-minute basic and simple wrap treatment.
Body Wrap Kits are quite common purchases for the goal of maximum inch loss and skin detox because of the all-in-one treat in a single kit. This packaged Body Wrap treatment usually includes a body wrap formula, body wrap bandages, and basic accessories to leave you with nothing more to think of in terms of purchasing individual necessities for a wrap.

Kits provide the necessary tools and complementary products usually good for at least four treatments or depending on the brand.

The benefits of Body Wrap Kits work best for home users and spa goers alike. Because of its assortment of product formulas and quantities, this kit is able to package all you need for a Body Wrap. Not to mention, you get to keep reusable items such as bandages and other accessories so that you won’t have to purchase them again by the time you’ll need to buy more formula.

Kits in larger quantities also allow you to save money on your favorite packages, and can even allow you to have Body Wrap Parties with friends!

The premeditated combination in a Body Wrap Kit allows for a ready-to-go package that is flexible for many users. Depending on your choice of brand, complementary products like skin brushes or sauna suits are often included to boost results.

Things to consider:        
The pre-wrap and post-wrap preparations and clean up may require more time and diligence. With a complete and ready to use treatment, all you have to do is make sure you keep your Body Wrap tools clean and ready for the next session.

Buying a kit can be cost effective but if there is a product within the kit that you do not need or cannot use, the goal of saving money can be defeated.

Product and Services Price Range:
When you purchase Home Body Wrap Kits, you may spend at least a hundred dollars depending on the brand and the kind of kit. Prices are higher when you go to a salon and depending on your packaged treatment, it can range anywhere from a hundred dollars to three hundred dollars.
Other Services and Company Options:
Wrap Yourself Slim - This company aims to simplify the process of determining the necessities in a body wrap treatment by making body wrap kits available for both home users and salon/spa owners.
Totally You - This company offers Home Body Wrap Kits in mostly wholesale quantities for both home use, salon and spas, and even for customized private labels.
Body Logic -  Specializing in Body Wraps and the experience, this company also offers other accessories for the Home Body Wrap session like massage tables, music, candles and aromatherapy diffusers.
If you wish to customize your own Body Wrap Treatment, all Body Wrap companies offer individual products and tools for you to purchase according to your personal needs and your cost preference. Creating your own combinations of formulas can be a very exciting task and is a chance to be a connoisseur for these great Body Wrap formulas.

A big benefit of these custom kits is that you will be able to choose what goes into your Body Wrap session to your own liking and manipulate the quantities according to your budget.

A Custom Kit works great for anyone who is conservative of time and money. If you want to slowly get into Body Wraps by learning its formulas, this is definitely a good way to start. If you are prone to rashes, it is always good to purchase individual formulas to prevent any skin irritations while saving money.

Things to consider:
The wide array of its products and offered services will take plenty of research and most likely, more trial and error depending on your natural body reactions.

Although allowing more options, you will definitely need more time to perfect your Custom Kit. By going through individual formulas, you are given more freedom for your Body Wrap essentials which will require you to be more cautious in your decisions. Because you can go from having a plastic Body Wrap to cloth Body Wrap Bandages or 45 minute sessions to overnight wrapping, you will need more focus and research for the best Body Wrap Bandaging products to suit you.

When you find the best combination, it can be a disadvantage price-wise compared to buying kits which can offer better value as a package purchase. Though more price friendly as individual products, buying separately in bulk can be more expensive compared to kits.

Product and Services Price Range:
When you buy individual Home Body Wraps, you can actually spend at least twenty five dollars or more depending on the kind of formulas and tools you will purchase. Your custom kit can be as price conscious or as extravagant as you want.

Other Services and Company Options:
            There are plenty of companies dedicated to Body Wrapping Products. Wholesale companies like It Works!, Totally You, or Body Logic are common suppliers for these salon chains.
Infrared Body Wraps are salon services that use Infrared Heat Therapy through infrared lamps or heating pads. Through the use these silicone pads and infrared waves , the body is jump started to optimum function through the increase in blood circulation and detoxification. This heat therapeutic treatment is able to penetrate below the surface of the skin into fat layers allowing more removal of toxins.

Unlike Formula + Bandages, this treatment does not need you to strip down and apply formula on your body. During a 60-minute session, you can simply wear your clothes without getting covered with formula and wraps from head to toe. If you are the type of person who may not be comfortable in too much bandaging, an Infrared Body Wrap can be the better fuss-free option.

When it comes to results, this kind of Body Wrap treatment can aid in higher metabolism and removal of body toxins. Because of the deeper penetration of the infrared waves, an Infrared Body Wrap may promote more results depending on your body’s natural reaction to the treatment.

Things to consider
A big aspect of Infrared Body Wraps is the fact that they are not available for home-users. Unlike the flexibility of Body Wrap Kits, you can only have these treatments done in spas and salons which can also be a task to find. With attractive results for inch loss and a mess free application, these Infrared wraps can be expensive especially when you need to find those salons with high quality equipment.

Compared to Formula Body Wraps, an Infrared Body Wrap does not give your skin as much nourishing through natural ingredients. Although it can promote skin rejuvenation, the treatment is solely for body contouring and less on skin maintenance and conditioning.

Because of the lack of any organic formula, you will not benefit from any kind of aromatherapy from the session, unless the salon offers aromatherapy rooms. An Infrared Body Wrap is very effective for reducing cellulite and heat therapy but if you personally like the smell of natural oils for your skin, you will not be able to acquire it in this wrap.

An Infrared  Body Wrap needs the approval from your doctor. Even though it has been proven safe, sometimes the use of a Natural Home Body Wrap on your skin can sound more appealing than a machine-driven type of treatment.

Product and Services Price Range:
Found mostly in tanning salons, the Infrared Body Wrap prices can range depending on the quality services of the salon. A single wrap can start from at least sixty five dollars or more. For these wraps, you are sure to be offered a treatment package which is definitely more cost effective compared to purchasing per session. These packages can range from three hundred dollars for at least ten sessions.

Other Services and Company Options: 
There are a number of salons and spas that provide Infrared Body Wrap Services, but the best treatments usually use either one of these two leading Infrared equipment. Both of these machines are used and distributed worldwide in many clinics and spas:
  • Fermostar - Manufactured in Germany since 1983, Fermostar has been devoted specifically to products that promote weight management.
  • Thermojet - Manufactured by Enco which is a company from the United States who has been making many kinds machines since 1940.

Creating your own Body Wrap is another exciting and cost effective option when deciding to indulge in a wrap treatment. Through guides like the Wrap Yourself Slim, Body Wraps Exposed! ebook and other available recipes, you are given the chance and the ultimate freedom to create the best body wrap formula you can for yourself according to your own needs!

When following a recipe for a Body Wrap formula, a huge benefit is knowing exactly what kind of ingredients go into your blend. Since a Body Wrap formula is fully spread all over the body, being aware of what went into the cream can help you acquire the best solutions for your skin as well as the overall aroma of the treatment.

Another great benefit when buying your own ingredients is being able to have a price point and budget per ingredient. Some Body Wrap services can come out too expensive, and as much as Body Wraps are great for the skin, price can determine the consistency of treatments. When blending your own formulas, you have the capability to work within your budget while learning a lot about each ingredient!
Making your own formula is quite the trend now and you will surely find plenty of useful sources, day to day inspiration and interactive online communities that can help you get started.

Things to consider:        
A big must have when creating your own formulas is your Body Wrap Ingredient know how. This means that you must be fully aware of the kind of ingredients you buy, and that they are exactly what the recipe calls for. Research and knowledge on the ingredients as well as its availability in local stores are important factors to be prepared with when creating your own Body Wrap.
When you begin to make your own formulas, you will be having a lot of ingredients at hand. Because you will start to stock on these ingredients, you will have to ensure its proper storage and cleanup to make sure no penny goes to waste!
Compared to other Body Wrap Services, making your own blends will definitely take the most time in pre-wrap and post-wrap preparations.  You will be needing more time and effort to make sure your blends and formulas are all mixed correctly and properly stored for the next sessions.

Product and Services Price Range:
Your ingredients and its price range can vary depending where you purchase them. Again, you have the freedom to decide on your estimated budget as long as you are knowledgeable on each of the ingredients you will need for the recipe. For example, you may spend less on a carrier oil but spend a little bit more on top quality bandages or the best source for clay.

Other Services and Company Options:
With the growing popularity of Body Wrap recipe books and DIY formulas, there are plenty of helpful sources to choose from including the “Wrap Yourself Slim - Body Wraps Exposed” ebook. You will find the most inspiring stories from personal blogging websites as well as online videos!

With all these possible options, the most important thing to start with is sticking to your Body Wrap goal and making a decision that is most comfortable to you in the terms of time, brand, location and price. Once you find the right type of Body Wrap to fit your needs for the meantime or in the long run, you will be able to completely devote yourself to its demands and methods.
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