Types of case mods

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Types of case mods

    * Peripheral mods: Peripherals like the keyboard, mouse, and speakers are sometimes painted or otherwise modified to match the computer. Some system builders, in an effort to make their system more portable and convenient, install speakers and small LCD screens into the case.
    * Unusual cooling mods: Hardcore overclockers often install cooling systems for the sole purpose of achieving performance records. Such systems frequently include phase change, thermoelectric/Peltier and liquid nitrogen. However, some of these systems are noisy and expensive. They are rarely used for extended periods of time.
    * Case building: Some people even build entire cases from scratch. Some make it into a work of art. Others make it appear to be something else, like a teddy bear, wood cabinet, or a shelf mounted on a wall. Still others pursue a retro look, like a Macintosh Plus or an old Atari 2600 video game console. Case modders (or case builders) who create their computer cases from scratch are few and far between. These people put hundreds of hours into their work. The WMD case, Batman Begins case, Project Nighthawk, and Dark Blade case are a few examples of professional cases built from scratch.
    * Component modding: This type of modding, as the name suggests, involves modifying the PC components themselves. An example is the relocation of buttons on optical drives. This is often done in combination with "stealthing", which hides the drive's visibility by masking it with a blank face. A riskier modification involves installing hard drive windows. This is done in a clean room where there is little to no dust. Few people have attempted it and results seem to vary. Some hard drives, including the WD Raptor, now come with a window as standard.
    * Laptop modding: Laptops can be modified much like a typical computer case. While most laptop mods consist of new paint or other finishes, others have chosen to engrave or cut out designs into their laptop cover (behind the screen). Laptops may also be turned into digital photo frames. These types of mods will typically void the warranty of the device. To avoid warranty issues, skins or stickers can be purchased that are easily removable from the casing.

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