UGG Boots Sheepskin versus Cow Skin Dont get ripped off

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UGG Boots - Sheepskin versus Cow Skin Dont get ripped off!

Want to know if you have been ripped off paying top dollar for UGG Boots that you thought were sheepskin? There's a huge difference in quality and can be hard to pick follow these pointers when looking for UGG Boots this winter.

  1. Sheepskin should feel softer to touch. Cow skin boots feel firmer arn't as flexible and up close there's distinct differences in quality
  2. When touched a pure sheepskin boot will change colour. Run your finger along the item and you will see the grain change direction and colour
  3. Sheepskin boots internally are very soft and fluffy and look like real animal fur. Cowskin boots typically look like the fur is very short and rolled 
  4. Grade A sheepskin is extremely dense and soft, which provides for a more comfortable and durable material. Lesser quality material and synthetics can be coarse, scratchy, and non-breathable. Grade A sheepskin breathes naturally and allows air to circulate freely.

Fine woolen sheepskin breathes, wicking heat and moisture away to keep your feet dry and at body temperature indoors and out. Sheepskin is a naturally thermostatic material. This means that while you're wearing sheepskin, its automatically regualting your body temperature throughout the day. Because of this, UGG Australia sheepskin footwear can be worn all year round.

Both can be worn and be effective in warming your feet however cowskin is alot cheaper to manufacture and less comfortable to wear, so do your homework on real sheepskin prices and make sure there's a distinct difference otherwise your better off buying the real thing.

Protect yourself when shopping on ebay

  • Buy UGG boots from sellers offering authenticity on there items
  • Shop with sellers offering a money back guarantee if your unhappy with the product
  • Check recent feedback on the item they have sold

Specialty Product Care for Fancy Sheepskin, Fancy Suede, and all Leathers

  • Use a clean, very soft, damp rag and wipe or blot gently
  • Do not rub
  • Do not use any cleaning product
  • Do not use a brush
  • You may use water and stain repellant

yourthewinningbidder has examples of genuine sheepskin boots search this link Ugg Boots


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