Understanding Fabrics used in Jacket and Coat linings

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All fabric linings are not as they seem.

Here are some guides to help you when selecting a garment to ensure quality and suitability when worn.

Satin linings:
A lot of garments are lined with satin, especially coats. There are several issues here. Firstly satin as originally form was made from silk. Now days it is predominantly polyester. Neither silk nor polyester are suitable as a lining for a jacket or coat as these materials do NOT breath.

Rayon or Viscous linings:
Essentially Rayon and Viscous are the same, it just depends on which side of the Atlantic your heritage comes from as to the term you use.
Rayon/Viscous is a natural thread originally derived from flax, nowadays also produced from wood fibre and corn fibre, even bamboo.
These fabrics breath and are perfect for internal lining on jackets and coats.

Polyester linings:
The thread is made from a plastic compound. Polyester is not just cheap to purchase, but also has a quite noticeable different feel when compared to silk or rayon/viscous. The fabric doesn't feel as soft, and feels much stiffer. In addition it wrinkles easily. The only benefit of Polyester is that it is cheap and very stain resistant.
Polyester is not a suitable lining fabric as it does NOT breath. Where does polyester come from?
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