Understanding Postal charges

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Most E Bay sellers are doing the right thing, they are charging actual postage costs with perhaps an extra $1-2 to cover their handling and packaging costs.

Customers need to understand that this extra $1 or 2 is not a seller trying to make money, but actually trying to offset the costs of getting your items to you safely and in good condition. This envolves padded envelopes, bubble wrap and other packaging material.

As a buyer, you know instantly when you open your parcel how much care was put into packaging your item for safe arrival.

What is very annoying is when a seller charges way below market value for their item only to hit you with rediculous postal charges. They do this for 2 reasons : Firstly, the lower the sale price... the less they have to pay in final value fees to E Bay. The other reason is that up until now, they have gotten away with it, even when you report them.

The best way to make sure ALL buyers are playing on a level playing field is to use your feedback wisely. If the postage charges were indeed excessive, then use your star rating to reflect that. You will then be prompted to give more information. THAT is where you will find your voice. The seller loses star ratings and after awhile perhaps they will get the idea.

But please, one last thing... MOST E bay sellers do the right thing. If you are unclear about what you should be paying, ask for the package weight and size and visit the Australia Post site and look it up yourself. Just rmember that an extra $1 or 2 is to help with the costs of proper packaging. You are not lining the sellers pockets nor are they being greedy, these are actual costs.

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