Understanding The Arts

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To say that Art is necessary for the enrichment of our lives is an understatement. The Arts are here to entertain us, to help us understand the world and sometimes to try to change it. With art we can create and tell a story, demonstrate and portray our past, contemporary or futuristic society, the successes or contradictions in achieving results will all depend on each viewer's principles and values.

Nevertheless I also recognize that the artist has the right to let go of his/her imagination, even must do it in order to portray the reality selectively, we must distort openly the perception of reality and the world to be able to create a piece of work that will enable us to give our imagination a new perspective that does not come spontaneously to some of us, we need art to make our imagination and creativity work. Art is a good therapy for the soul and mind.

As an artist one can only construct images, pieces of work as a means of an outlet to our imagination, inspiration and sensitivity, it is a means of one's self expression, our work can be 'interpreted' but sometimes you have to keep in mind that is not the painting, the sculpture, 'piece' or artist that need to be interpreted but ironically it is 'you' your own feelings, experiences and what sort of impact a determined piece of work has caused in you, your inner self and beliefs. The success or failure of a piece of work will only be determined by your own state of mind at the time of viewing.

Personally I believe that the arts are a significant part of our lives, with different forms and experiences where all human beings will learn something about themselves and the world.

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