Underwear Before, Now, and How It’s Being Used Today

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Men's underwear has evolved from being a simple, wrap-around genital cover to a multifunctional piece of clothing. Aside from modesty, undergarments are now being used to serve different kinds of purposes like in sports, to endure cold weathers, and to seduce a partner.
As the name suggests, underwear are pieces of clothes that are worn underneath outer garments. And yes, men's underwear has been around since ancient history. Way before the time of briefs, bras, and panties, our ancestors have already been using prototypes of the modern undergarments. In olden times, a person's chest is left exposed especially on warmer climates and only the lower portions of the body were covered. For the waist down, early men used loincloths. Loincloths are the simplest among early underwear. There are at least three types of loincloths discovered by archeologists but the most common were the ones made out of long strips of fabric that were wrapped between the legs which were then tied around the waist. Materials of choice during those times were wool and linen.
Underwear has come a long way from being just a simple piece of fabric tied around the waist to cover up the genitalia. Today, undergarments come in all shapes and sizes and are being used for different kinds of purposes. Unlike before when resources are limited, modern underwear are now made from all types of raw materials. Cotton is most commonly used since it is softer to the touch and lets air pass through. Underwear made from 100% cotton is perceived to be more comfortable and breathable. Other materials, both natural and synthetic, are used to make underwear. Some of these are silk, wool, and Lycra.
Aside from covering up sensitive areas, the basic purpose of underwear is to keep clothes from being soiled by bodily secretions such as sweat, urine, blood, and semen. They also serve as additional layers of clothing especially for those living with cold countries during winter. Some articles of undergarments are made of thermal fabrics that are able to trap or conserve body heat to provide warmth and insulation.
There are also special types of undergarments that provide additional support to critical parts of the body like the groin area for males and chest area for the females. Underwear such as jock straps and sports bras are ideal for athletes since these prevent heavy muscle exertion that usually leads to injuries such as hernia.
Some undergarments are also made for the purposes of seduction. As a matter of fact, an entire industry has been born due to increasing demand for sexy underwear. These types of undergarments are designed to induce eroticism as well as tease the ones seeing the titillating piece of clothing. Seductive kinds of underwear are usually sported by females to entice her lover. Made out of sheer, see-through materials like chiffon and lace, erotic underwear leaves little to the imagination as it hides almost nothing. Males usually do not use these types of underwear. They usually stick to their basics like briefs and boxers. But there are rare occasions when men wear g-strings or thongs.
Both sexes wear undergarments. Luckily today we now have a lot of choices. We merely need to choose the ones that will serve as the best.

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