Unique Rare Vinyl LP Iron Maiden Number of the Beast 82

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Unique Rare Vinyl LP Iron Maiden Number of the Beast 82
Really Unique and quite Rare LP Records from the 70's & 80's.

Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast 1982

This is the third album from Iron Maiden is an ultimate heavy metal classic.

In classic status this can be compared to such heavy metal and hard rock albums as Black Sabbath´s Paranoid, AC/DC´s Back in Black and Metallica´s Black Album.
This is in other words an album almost every heavy metal fan owns.

The album stirred up a lot of controversy when it came out because of the title, the cover and the lyrical content in the title track.
Right wing Christian organizations found a perfect scapegoat in Iron Maiden and called them satanists.
This is as far from the truth as you can get though.

The only song on The Number of the Beast that has anything to do with occultism is the title track and it is not a song that worships satanism.
The Number of the Beast is only a story, nothing more.

UMUR - Program Reviewer

This album comes from my personal collection (opps, now i have given my age away ;-])
my problem is that i no longer have a record player to play them!!!

If you love your 70s - 80's music as much as i do, just sit back and enjoy them...

and it won't be long till you'll be feeling that same old groove again,
and those great old memories will come flooding back...

This LP is from

Artist: Iron Maiden
Album Name: The Number of the Beast
Year Released:  1982
Distributed By:  PolyGram Records Ltd
Records in the Album:  1   

LP Record Condition:   Excellent / Near New
LP Record Cover Condition:  Excellent / Near New
Overall Condition:   Excellent / Near New

Lyric Insert:   Minor surface marks / Near New

Side 1:
Children of the Damned
The Prisoner
22 Acacia Avenue

Side 2:
The Number of the Beast
Run to the Hills
Hallowed Be Thy Name

It would be hard to find another copy of this great old album to enjoy the sensational sounds and the magical memories.

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