Unique Rare Vinyl LP Pop Rock Mondo Rock Chemistry 1981

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Unique Rare Vinyl LP Pop Rock Mondo Rock Chemistry 1981

For your listening pleasure here are some
Really Unique and quite Rare LP Records from the 70's & 80's.

Mondo Rock - Chemistry

For more than a dozen years,
Mondo Rock dispensed punchy, craftily professional, adult  pop-rock.

Between 1977 and 1991 the Australian charts were enriched and enlivened by their sleek and proficient offerings.

At the heart of Mondo Rock's aural alchemy was the exceptional songwriting talents of vocalist Ross Wilson and guitarist Eric McCusker,
who brought to the group diverse but complementary approaches and executions.

Mondo Rock was formed in 1977.

Their 2nd album ‘Chemistry’ became one of the largest selling albums of 1980/81,
yielding the hits ‘Cool World’, ‘State of the Heart’, ‘Chemistry’ & ‘Summer of '81’.

Mondo Rock continued to produce hits with ‘No Time’, ‘Come Said The Boy’ and ‘Primitive Love Rites’,
until Ross decided to pursue a solo career, releasing the 1989  album ‘Dark Side Of The Man’ & the hit single ‘Bed Of Nails’.

Reviewer: Mondo Rock Website

This album comes from my personal collection (opps, now i have given my age away ;-])
my problem is that i no longer have a record player to play them!!!

If you love your 70s - 80's music as much as i do, just sit back and enjoy them...

and it won't be long till you'll be feeling that same old groove again,
and those great old memories will come flooding back...

This LP is from

Artist: Mondo Rock
Album Name: Chemistry
Year Released:  1981
Distributed By:  Festival Records Ltd
Records in the Album:  1   

LP Record Condition:   Excellent / Near New
LP Record Cover Condition:  Some Marks / Near New
Overall Condition:   Excellent/ Near New

Lyric Insert:   Some Marks / Near New

Side 1:
Popular View
State of the Heart

Side 2:
Step Up Step Out
Summer of 81
Cool World
Mondo Sexo
We're No Angels

It would be hard to find another copy of this great old album so enjoy the sensational sounds and the magical memories.

I will be listing lots more of my old favourite LPs in the very near future,
so save me to your favourites list and check out my other items regularly,

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