Unique Rare Vinyl LP Record Bob Marley Confrontation 83

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Unique Rare Vinyl LP Record Bob Marley Confrontation 83
Really Unique and quite Rare LP Records from the 70's & 80's.

Bob Marley & The Wailers - Confrontation

Rastafarianism is a creed that hides its humane spirituality under warlike metaphors.

Since his death in 1981, Bob Marley has been both Rasta saint and commander in chief.
His eminence came from his universality, and his best work, from "No Woman No Cry" to "Redemption Song," were fused anger with tenderness and incantational melodies.

This posthumous album was compiled by his wife, Rita, and Island Records chief Chris Blackwell from three reworked Jamaican singles ("Blackman Redemption," "I Know" and "Trench Town")and from studio tracks dating back to the 1979-1980 sessions between the Survival and Uprising LPs.

The album is called Confrontation, in line with Marley's wish to have a trilogy of linked conceptual names.

Marley's scratchy-soothing vocal style and inimitable phrasing dominate the songs, properly and sometimes powerfully. The charged atmosphere always came about when he led the Wailers and the magically responsive backup singers, the I-Threes.

Confrontation is an album of numerous pleasures,
the water-bug delicacy of "Jump Nyabinghi," the forceful insight of "Buffalo Soldier," the gospel-like adamancy of "Rastaman Live Up!" and these make it a valuable album.

Fred Schruers - Rolling Stone Reviewer

This album comes from my personal collection (opps, now i have given my age away ;-])
my problem is that i no longer have a record player to play them!!!

If you love your 70s - 80's music as much as i do, just sit back and enjoy them...

and it won't be long till you'll be feeling that same old groove again,
and those great old memories will come flooding back...

This LP is from

Artist: Bob Marley & The Wailers
Album Name:   Confrontation
Year Released:  1983
Distributed By:  Island Records Ltd
Records in the Album:  1   

LP Record Condition:   Excellent / Near New
LP Record Cover Condition:  Excellent / Near New
Overall Condition:   Excellent / Near New

Lyric Insert:   Excellent / Near New

Side 1:
Chant Down Babylon
Buffalo Soldier
Jump Nyabinghi
Mix Up, Mix Up
Give Thanks

Side 2:
Blackman Redemption
Trench Town
Stiff Necked Fools
I Know
Rastaman Live Up

It would be hard to find another copy of this great old album to enjoy the sensational sounds and the magical memories.

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