Unique Rare Vinyl Record Stevie Nicks -Rock a Little 85

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Unique Rare Vinyl Record Stevie Nicks -Rock a Little 85
Really Unique and quite Rare LP Records from the 70's & 80's.

Stevie Nicks - Rock a Little

Stevie Nicks can still take an unassuming little rock song and polish it into a gem.

Her melismatic slurs turn the treacly melody of "Some Become Strangers" into a lush, extended sigh gilded with a rich and gooey guitar texture.
Wistful but not maudlin, it's the sort of pop confection Fleetwood Mac and Rumours were strewn with.

And at the other extreme, the ringing guitar chords and electric organ washes of "Imperial Hotel" force Stevie to drop the therapist's mask and wail for a while, reaching a delectable screech reminiscent of her saddle-sore crooning with Tom Petty on "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around." Since the newer song was cowritten with Heartbreaker Mike Campbell, that's only appropriate.

"You can talk to me," Stevie Nicks coos on the chorus of her latest hit single, and "You can set your secrets free, baby."
She's got a sympathetic ear, all right.

On the rest of Rock a Little, she comes on like an AM-radio psychologist, dispensing stem but friendly advice, spinning little parables and probing deep feelings with incredibly vague language. It's all quite earnest and tuneful.

Stevie's distinctive growl can attach a hook to some pretty slippery sentiments.
The album is an untouched curio, a relic from the forgotten age of the singer/songwriters.
Mark Coleman - Rolling Stone Reviewer

This album comes from my personal collection (opps, now i have given my age away ;-])
my problem is that i no longer have a record player to play them!!!

If you love your 70s - 80's music as much as i do, just sit back and enjoy them...

and it won't be long till you'll be feeling that same old groove again,
and those great old memories will come flooding back...

This LP is from

Artist: Stevie Nicks
Album Name: Rock a Little
Year Released:  1985
Distributed By:  EMI Records Ltd
Records in the Album:  1   

LP Record Condition:   Excellent / Near New
LP Record Cover Condition:  Minor surface marks / Near New
Overall Condition:   Excellent / Near New

Lyric Insert:   Minor surface marks / Near New

Side 1:
I Can't wait
Rock a Little
Sister Honey
I Sing for the Things
Imperial Hotel
Some Become Strangers

Side 2:
Talk to Me
The Nightmare
If I Were You
No Spoken Word
Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You

It would be hard to find another copy of this great old album to enjoy the sensational sounds and the magical memories.

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