United States obsolete Medals/awards the truth!

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Ill start by saying, these medals & ribbons of the United Sates of America, are and have not been reproduced, they became obsolete,Many sellers state their medals/badges are made by approved government contractors, "don't fall for that". Companies that make & supply discontinued/obsolete awards listed below," Make these unofficially".and therefore not authentic original items.Please remember if a award/medal/ribbon etc is listed below & you see the word New next to the item for sale or Auction, then that item is not authentic its a copy!!! New medals sell for very low prices, one can google a award/medal etc and find a currant manufacture that produces them today. There is no need to buy a NEW medal ( or mint looking) award/medal online or at gun shows,when if goggled you can get the same medal/award etc for next to nothing.

Obsolete military awards of the United States & United States service medals of the World Wars etc
I had planed to put the ribbon/medal colors next to all but eBay only allows 10 images per guide.Just Google Obsolete U,S Medals/Ribbons wards to get the full detail
Personal decoration
 Certificate of Merit Medal
 Marine Corps Brevet Medal
 Army Wound Ribbon
 Specially Meritorious Service Medal
Department of Transport military awards
Transportation Distinguished Service Medal
 Secretary of Transport Outstanding United Award
Coast Guard Bicentennial Unit Commendation  
19th & early 20th century Campaign Medals
 Civil War Campaign
 Indian Campaign 
 China Campaign Medal (Army)
 China Relief Expedition Medal (Navy)
Spanish-American War campaign & occupation medals
 Spanish Campaign Medal
 West Undies Campaign Medal
 West Indies Naval Campaign Medal ( Sampson Medal)
 Battle of Manila Bay Medal (Dewey Medal)
 Spanish War Service Medal
 Army of Cuban Occupation Medal
 Army of Cuban Pacification Medal
Army of Puerto Rican Occupation Medal
Philippine-American War
 Philippine Campaign Medal
 Philippine Congressional Medal
Navy & Marine Corps expedition medals (1920-1930's)
 Nicaraguan Campaign Medal (1912)
 Dominican Campaign Medal 
 Haitian Campaign Medal (1917)
Nicaraguan Campaign Medal (1933)
 Haitian Campaign Medal (1921)
 Yangtze Service Medal
WW 1 & Pre-WW 1 service medals
 Mexican Service Medal
 Mexican Border Service Medal
 World War 1 Victory Medal
 Army of Occupation of Germany Medal
WW 2 & Pre-WW 11 Service Medals
 China Service Medal
 American Defense Service Medal
 Women's Army Corps Service Medal
 American Campaign Medal  
 European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal
 Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal
 World War 11 Victory Medal
Post WW 11 Service Medals
 Medal for Humane Action
 Korean Service Medal
Service & Training Awards
 Naval Reserve Medal
 Fleet Marine Forces Medal
 Marine Corps Reserve Medal
 Reserve Special Commendation Ribbon
 Navy Distinguished Marksman & Pistol Shot Ribbon
 Navy Distinguished Marksman Ribbon
 Navy Distinguished Pistol Shot Ribbon

the above are made today unofficially by manufacture, as the Government no longer needs them or contracted anyone to produce them, $6 medals/ribbons etc made today go for up to $150, as the real authentic item. Don't get court, ask questions, research the item you are looking for and pay the right price for the right item.  
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