Unregistered Australia Post Item was Damaged on Arrival

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Today a buyer informed me that an item I had sent to them arrived with a damaged postpak and with contents missing..........

Immediately I panicked because I know when I handed it over the counter at my Business Mailling Centre that it was perfectly intact otherwise Australia Post would not have accepted it for post right?

So just to make sure that I was dealing with a sincere buyer I checked out their feedback. Paying particular attention to the feedback they left for sellers to ensure that the buyer wasnt a habitual complainer about their purchases.

After checking that feedback I had noticed that the buyer had previous troubles with recieving items from ebay sellers, thus telling me that there may pose a potential problem somewhere between Victoria and Northern Territory.

I contacted Australia Post and they informed me that there is something that the buyer can do to rectify this problem.

Below I have listed the steps to take when an unregistered mail item is recieved in damaged condition

  • Trust your buyer, but do investigate if they seem to be having this as a reoccurring problem.This can indicate a possible dishonest Australia Post Employee or Rough Handling along the route in transit

  • Sympathise with your buyer and offer them your phone number to discuss the problem and to work on a solution. There are some pro-active steps that I will mention furthur on that will assist you both in getting the difficult situation resolved.

  • Make an agreement with your buyer to both sort the problem out before anyone leaves negative feedback for the other. Noone wants that on their account

  • Go to your post office and ask for a GREEN SLIP- a green slip is a mail handling complaint form

  • Post the green slip to your buyer using express post so that they know you really do care that they havent recieved what you sent them. ( I know I am disheartened to think that someone could be using an item I purchased and sent that was meant for one of my lovely cooperative customers!)... Include in your express post envelope. THE GREEN SLIP, A PHOTOCOPY OF YOUR RECIEPT FROM POSTAGE,A PHOTOGRAPH OF THE ITEM POSTED AND ITS RECCOMMENDED RETAIL PRICE, AN INVOICE OF THE CUSTOMERS PURCHASE,AND ALL OF YOUR RELEVANT CONTACT DETAILS.

  • The buyer then needs to take this to his/her Australia Post Office along with the damaged item/s and submit the green slip along with the information that I have mentioned above.

  • The buyer will receive a reference number which you must request from them as it is YOUR reciept to track the progress of the complaint that the buyer sends on your behalf. I know its strange but thats the way Auspost work this thing apparently.

  • Australia Post review the details of the complaint and YOU the SELLER are entitled to up to $50 Compensation which they will process and send to you upon satisfactorily proving that the item was damaged in transit with Australia Post.

  • $50 Compensation May not be much in the way of compensation however if an item was worth more than that I would reccommend always using Registered Post, for the small fee of $2.50 for covering goods to the value of $100 I know see the huge value in it.

I hope this guide has been of assistance to you if you have had an UNREGISTERED mailed item arrive in damaged condition if you are a buyer or a seller on eBay. Please vote if you found this guide to be of assistance. I know that the information that I learnt today about Australia Post and Items Damaged in Transit was certainly most helpful and I really thought it should be shared with the eBay community who have issues of this come up quite regularly.

Thankyou and be sure to mark my eBay Guide as HELPFUL. :o)

LOVEMOUSEY (Paula & Anthea)


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