Upholstered vs. Leather Bed Frames

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Upholstered vs. Leather Bed Frames

Both leather and upholstered beds are popular for their luxurious comfort and their good looks. In many ways, the two styles are very similar. They are so similar, in fact, that many people who are looking to buy one consider buying the other instead at some point. Leather vs. cloth upholstery is one of the great debates in furniture. And since a bedroom has only one bed, there is really no way a buyer can compromise. Of course, ultimately the decision comes down to personal taste. Some people simply like leather better, while others prefer cloth. But comparing the two materials in terms of durability, cost, and required care does help in making a decision.

Upholstered Beds

Upholstered beds have frames or headboards that are padded and covered in fabric. They look stylish and luxurious and the soft padding on theheadboard is comfortable to lean up against even without a pillow. There is no danger of a head painfully colliding with the headboard. Upholstered beds are available in virtually any colour and texture. Occasionally, people refer to leather beds as another type of upholstered bed, since there are many similarities.

Leather Beds

Leather beds are similar to upholstered beds, except for the leather rather than fabric surface and the fact that the frame is usually hardwood rather than the more common softwood. Leather is beautiful, durable, and very classy. Leather beds come in virtually any colour, though most range from dark brown to cream. While leather is expensive, its durability and the fact that it does not go out of style make it a very good investment. Leather does need proper care in order to keep it clean and supple, but taking care of leather is not difficult or time consuming, provided the owner learns how to do it correctly. If owners clean it properly, leather ages very well, becoming more beautiful over time.

Fake Leather Beds

Some people avoid leather for either ethical or economic reasons and consider buying fake leather instead. In most cases, buying fake leather is actually counterproductive, since it is not clear that fake leather is either ethically or economically better. While fake leather does not come from animals, its production does cause pollution. And while fake leather is much less expensive to buy, it is also less durable.

Comparing Upholstered and Leather Beds

Upholstered and leather beds have a lot in common. Both have soft, padded headboards and usually a similar modern or contemporary style. Both leather and fabric upholstery require special care to keep clean, though leather is generally easier to clean than fabric.

Advantages of Leather Beds

Leather does have advantages that cloth upholstery does not. Leather lasts longer than fabric and is somewhat easier to keep clean. Leather also fits in well with a lot of different styles. If the owner changes the look of the room, the leather bed still looks great.

Disadvantages of Leather Beds

The main issue with leather is price. Not only is the leather itself expensive, but so is the hardwood frame. It is possible, of course, to make a softwood frame for a leather bed, and some manufacturers do make them. Most of the people looking to buy a leather bed specifically want a very high-end product and prefer the more attractive hardwood frame.

Advantages of Upholstered Beds

Besides the lower price, cloth upholstery has a few advantages of its own. Some people simply prefer the look and feel of cloth. Other people are more comfortable with cloth for ethical reasons. Cloth is easier to repair and skilled repairs of small holes are virtually invisible. Protecting cloth upholstery with a slipcover makes a lot of sense, but making a slipcover for a leather bed is counterproductive because it covers up the leather. And while both leather and cloth come in a variety of colours, cloth also comes in a wide range of patterns, prints, and textures.

Disadvantages of Upholstered Beds

The fabric can collect dust and animal hair. And, of course, there is no way to launder the fabric if it gets dirty or stained. Also, some cats like to scratch upholstery. Most owners handle these difficulties by vacuuming the fabric periodically and treating any stains with a spray-on furniture cleaner. If cats are a concern, try choosing a fabric that the cat does not like, while providing an acceptable scratching post that the cat likes better. Slipcovers can help keep the upholstery clean. Some buyers are concerned that the upholstery might shelter bedbugs, but the reality is that bedbugs can shelter virtually anywhere and upholstered beds do not pose any additional risk of infestation.

Both leather and cloth come in a range of quality grades and are not always directly comparable to each other. Some leather is very delicate, while other leathers are more or less invincible. Some cloth is easy to clean, while other cloth is impossible to clean. The best leather is, by most measures, superior to cloth, except in price, but low-grade leather cannot compete with good cloth.

How to Buy a Bed Frame on eBay

There is a good selection of beds and bed frames on eBay. To browse the listings, do a general search for something like bed frames and then narrow down the results as necessary using the menu options. Alternatively, use the Advanced Search option to look for a particular style and brand. The best prices of the day are listed on eBay Deals and so that is worth checking out also. To ask any questions, use the contact link on the seller's profile page. The page also has his or her feedback score, return policy, and shipping details. A great bedroom deserves a great bed.

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