Urine PH Strips - Track of your body PH up to date!

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What is PH Urine Test Strip?

PH Urine strips is a strip that come with test plate at the end of the strip paper, and when you soak the ph strip into the urine and saliva for about 5 - 6 seconds, and you can take out the PH urine strip, the test plate will change color within next 15 second.

When the PH strip is stop from changing color, you can refer the PH strip test plate color on the PH strip to the PH color chart ( that attached to the PH strip box ), then you will know your current body PH. It is advisable to test your body PH every 2 - 3 days to monitor your body health closely :)

You can use the PH strip to test on fresh urine or saliva to get know of your accurate body PH, but it is more recommended to test your body PH via urine. Why? Because the food residual inside moth or teeth will affect the saliva PH, that make the testing result not that accurate.

To get more accurate testing result, it is recommended to test your urine with PH strips during the morning, before having your breakfast, since the food we took will also affect our body PH.

What is PH? And how Does it reflect our body health?

pH is known as Potential of Hydrogen, it is a measure of acidity and alkality of a solution. The measurement of pH range between 0 to 14, the lower the pH reading, the solution have higher acidity; whereby the higher the pH Reading, the solution will have higher alkality. If the solution show reading of pH 7, it is neutral - it means it is neither have any acidity or alkality at all.

Our body is not healthy if is too acidity or too alkality. The healthy body PH is slightly alkaline, PH range is within 6 - 7.5. And the PH strip able to help us to keep monitor our body PH from time to time, if our body PH indicate less than 6, it means our body is acidity and we we need to take more alkaline food; and vice versa, we shall eat more acidity food when our body PH reading shown more than 7.5.

But to be honest with you, it is seldom case that body have over alkaline, most time the problem is over acidity due to consume over meat in our lifestyle.

About Acid / Alkaline Imbalance

 Acid / alkaline Imbalance can weaken your body organs and bones, and lead to variety of serious disease. In fact, most of us are "over acid" in our body, that cause by:

1. Excess emotional stress, physical stress and envionmental stress.

2. Poor digestion or food intolerances.

3. Insufficient oxygen uptake due to poor nutrient intake or poor breathing techniques or lack of exercises.

4. "Hyperinsulimia" or excess insulin intake, which lead to allergies, food intolerances and poor digestions.

5. Insufficient intake of vitamins and minerals.

The over acid condition can give negative effects to all major body systems, which inclusive of Intestinal and digestive systems, Circulatory, Immune and Respiratory System.

 Health concerns associated with acidosis will be inclusive of:

1. Cardiovascular weakness.

2. Low Energy.

3. Weight Gain.

4. Bladder and Kidney concern.

5. Immune Deficiency.

6. Acceleration of Free Radical Damage.

7. Structural System weaknes, including of brittle bones and hip fractures.

If your body is "over alkaline", it cause many of the same kind of mineral problems, such as:

1. Digestive system sluggishness.

2. Nervous system exhaustion.

3. Urinary System weakness.

4. Respiratory system compromise

5. Immune system concern.

Your body can suffer from severe damage due to high acidity or high alkality - That you might undetected for years!

How To Chose the Right PH Strip?

There are many PH strip that you can find in ebay, price range from AUD 3 to AUD 15.00 / box. What factor you shall consider to chose when you pick the most suitable PH Strip?

* The PH Range

Some ph strip is offering PH test range from 0 - 14. That you shall say "no no" to this kind of PH strip. Why? Our body wont have PH reading of 1 or 14. The PH range from 1 - 14 will only able to let you get an rough PH reading = not accurate PH reading.

There are also PH strip that offer PH test range from 5.5 - 9.0, it is better than 0 - 14 PH range strip, but it is still not good enough. Why? Our body PH range is from 4.5 - 9.0, so even when your actual body PH is 4.8, 4.6 or 4.5, The PH strip that range from 5.5 - 9.0 will only show you test result of PH 5.5 since it is the most acidity PH it can showed.

So, the best PH strip you shall look for is the one that offering PH range within 4.5 - 9.0 ( Full body PH range )

* The packaging

PH test plate will change color when exposed to air within certain time, usually few days. That make the test result no longer accurate if you use this PH strip later. There are some ebay seller sell their PH strip in large qty in loose form, without any sealed box.

If you are not aware, most of your PH strips might be wasted and need to throw later due to exposed to the air for long time. It is better to buy your PH strips with sealed box, so that it is not contacted to air for long time. You shall close your PH strip box once you take out your PH strip for testing, do not left your PH strip box opened un-attended for long time.  

* CE certified

PH strip itself is a high technology products. Even though it do not bring harm to your body when using it since you do not eat it or put into your body while using it, I will suggest you to buy the PH strips that come with CE certification mark. You can see the word "CE" in the outer box of the product that get CE certification.

A CE certified product means it had passed the European Conformity requirement, to sell in europe countries, to avoid your risk from buying some low quality or fake PH strips that give non accurate result.

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